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His Glory comes down.

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute and the Osagyefo Youth Movement, thank Prophet Rev. Christian Andrews for this opportunity to share their dreams and vision.

We acknowledge the presence of the thoughts and spirits of our great Pan African leaders, and would like to use this space to talk about liberation theology which is being practiced by the Prophet. Reverend, allow me to congratulate you on the great work you are doing.

Africans know that GOD, the invisible, is Jehovah by Himself, who created man to be like Him. GOD is the Creator of all mysteries beyond science. GOD is the governor of our soul and spirit with super-natural attorney over the Heavens and the universe. The African belief in GOD, promotes peaceful coexistence and it is this that informs our cultural norms and life.

Liberation theology, interprets the teachings of Christ in relation to the freedom of man, and the struggle against an unjust social economic order.

Nkrumaism and the concept of Liberation Theology fit into the African liberation question, and offer a response to the abysmal socio-economic challenges of the Continent. We can’t discuss the African Liberation struggle without the input of liberation theology which seeks to free our people from the quagmire of pain and squalor.

Nkrumaism is a scientific socialist philosophy that gives social purpose and moral compass to the everyday challenges of nation building. The manifest purpose of Nkrumaism is the equitable fulfillment of need and enhancement of human life.

Nkrumaism translate as equal opportunity, access to power and quality life for and to all without prejudice. Nkrumaism abhors discrimination, marginalization, inequality, corruption, tribalism, sexism and treachery.


These philosophies due to what they connote to provide cloth, food and shelter for all can be merged into one stream of human survival. The merger broadens an enabling space to roll out tenets of the Ten Commandments in the Gospel on human liberty.

 During the third World Theologians Conference held in 1976, in Dar es Salaam, spearheaded by the Chilean Liberation Theologian, Sergio Torres, defined the purpose of Liberation theology as a new world order, founded on Justice, brotherhood and freedom.

Brothers and Sisters,

In his motion of destiny in 1953, Nkrumah talked about Brotherhood which Christ proclaimed 2,600 years ago. In ending the motion, he emphasized that, “all my life and all my strength were given to the finest cause in the world – the liberation of mankind”.

One will juxtapose the liberation of mankind to what Pope Francis said on the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace held on October 2nd, 2014 that: The growth of inequality and poverty undermines inclusive and participatory democracy ……

It is a question, therefore, of overcoming the structural causes of inequality and poverty. In that Apostolic Exhortation-“Evangelii Gaudium”- (the joy of the Gospel), he pointed out three fundamental instruments for social inclusion of the most needy: education, access to health care and employment for all.

According to him, “It is not news when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points”.

In the 47,560 word document, Pope Francis used the word “LOVE” 154 times; “JOY” 109 times; “ THE POOR” 91 times; “PEACE” 58 times; “JUSTICE” 37 times; and “COMMON GOOD” 15 times.

 In tandem with the Blueprint of Nkrumah, the seven (7) years Development Plan provides vivid answers to the fundamental instruments for social inclusion in Ghana and Africa. The contemporary relevant document of the 7 years Development Plan also exerts love, joy, peace, justice, basic needs to address poverty and the overall common good of society.

Children of GOD,

Dr. Nkrumah repudiated evil ideas, embraced brotherhood and togetherness through his boarding school educational system and beyond. Proverbs 22:6 – states that – train up a child in the way he should grow……and so in his seven (7) years development plan gave the child the right education, training, skill and vocation to be self-reliant and productive to the nation. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said “Education consists not only the sum of what a man knows or the skill with which he can put this to his own advantage.  In my view, a man’s education must also be measured in terms of the soundness of his judgment of people and things, and in his power to understand, appreciate the needs of his fellowmen, and to be of service to them.  The educated man should be so sensitive to the conditions around him that he makes it his chief endeavor to improve those conditions for the good for all.”

 In physical terms, he is mortal but in ideals and ideas he is immortal. Guided by the seven (7) consciousness center of the human spirit (order, will, wisdom, earnestness, patience, love and mercy), he drove an agenda for the rediscovery of Africa and her potential on the face of the earth.

Dr. Nkrumah, with a redemptive impulse to reduce hardship in society worked with the greatest principle of God; which is love for one’s neighbor. He looked up to his creator, the scriptures and abhorred hunger, poverty, pain and suffering.

There has been concerted efforts from adversaries to disrupt and distort his works and achievements. The slander and well-thought out deliberate lies explored over the years to tarnish his hard won historical reputation have failed.

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Indeed with a Masters in Divinity, in consonance with Luke 4:18, the Lord anointed him to bring good news to the poor in Ghana and Africa. It is very vital to note that, in his entire life, he never killed any Ghanaian or any other national.

GOD was considered first in all his political programs of action, and during the declaration of Ghana’s independence, he said nothing could be achieved without GOD.

His administration, appointed spiritual leaders to head some institutions. Rev. Dr. Jacob Stanley Adams Stephen, Past–President of the Methodist Conference was the 1st Rector of the Kwame Nkrumah Youth Leadership Training Institute at Teshie. The first of the thirteen Codes of Discipline of the Young Pioneers quoted the FEAR OFGOD. In every year in September, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah will move to Western Region to fast and meditate as a Psalmist.

He will start all his political rallies with the Hymn “Lead Kindly light amidst the encircling gloom, lead thou me on,” and many other devotional hymns.

Children of GOD,

We wish to emphasize that, he believed in peace, fellowship and spoke unreservedly against tribalism, chauvinism, sexism, racial prejudice and national hatred.  In the world of liberation theology, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was a prophet, seer, visionary, a simply man, a philosopher, strategist, inspirer and a teacher. He looked into the future and foresaw what will happen to Ghana some years to come, if socio economic safety measures were not put in place.

This prompted the establishment of numerous industries across the country to provide employment for all and improve quality life. To appreciate where Nkrumah would have led Ghana, had he not been overthrown, you only have to cast your mind to the planned and uninterrupted development of South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

The health, agricultural and educational indexes of Ghana could have surpassed what we see today in these East Asian Countries. To have gone by an uninterrupted 7 years development plan, Ghana was billed to import labourers in 1975, like many developed Countries are doing today.

Followers of the Gospel,

It is reasonable to state that, foresightedness, fit and redemptive leadership, selflessness and loyalty matters in nation building.

In Africa, he saw the socio-economic upheavals and fought with his life to safeguard the future of Africa’s coming generations. In respect of this, pushed for a Union Government of Africa with a common market, common currency, common monetary system, common foreign policy, common defense system and a single African citizenship.

After over 60 years, the realities are starring us in the face. Today, we are revisiting his inter/intra African trade, Commerce and industry concepts. The African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement is an example; the cocoa buyers, traders and processors agreeing to a floor price recently in 2019, is another.

 Sekou Toure eulogized him that: “The authentic African, the defender of the people, the intrepid fighter is not dead.  He cannot die, so long as in Africa and elsewhere conscious resolute men will unite and act together to make the sun of freedom arise.”

Some inward and outward attributes of Nkrumah must be listed here: The events of his life: tenderness and generosity; exemplariness; selflessness; fearlessness; self-discipline; faithfulness and loyalty;  power of intuition; devotion to meditation and in summary his  illustrious life was inspired and ordained by the most High GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  


Some Biblical quotes to support claims of liberation theology are found in Luke 4:18; Luke 3:11; Luke 14:13; Luke 6:20; Matthew 5:3; Matthew 19:21; Matthew 21:12-21; Matthew 19:24 among other scriptures.

 The aforementioned scriptures teach about the duty of care from one man to the other devoid of suppression but selflessness to uphold human dignity.  Let’s reflect that a lamb was sacrificed to save us, the lamb – Jesus Christ, hated hunger, and remember the fig tree, which couldn’t bear fruits. Jesus disliked stealing if we remember his reaction to the gambling in the Church. Jesus hated suffering, pain, sadness and greed.  All of these facts are in the Gospel.

 The Biblical laws are explicit: thou shall not steal hence don’t steal public funds; thou shall not commit adultery; thou shall not bear false witness; thou shall not covet anything that is thy neighbors; so why will a Christian in a political position disgrace the Word of GOD and live a contemptuous public life?

Jesus Christ who had the material and spiritual attorney while on earth served the underprivileged. He solved their challenges and gave them bread through his leadership. Jesus is for all, and so the current spiritual leaders must adhere to His parables and the Sermon on the Mountain.

According to the father of Liberation Theology Gutierrez Gustavo, “The preferential option for the poor is the link to our faith in Jesus Christ.”

That is to say, it is the duty of the shepherd to shepherd the flock, to lead them to greener pastures and living waters. Anything short of that is against the basic human right of the living teachings of Jesus Christ.

 Anytime a Christian holds the Bible to take an oath of office, he or she should be mindful of the consequences of his/her action to GOD. Christians in political positions will one day give account of their stewardship before the judgment throne of GOD. Christians in political life should not be involved in acts that would make them become a disgrace to the Christendom.

The Nigerian Evangelical in 1976, issued a statement that “We declare that as Christians we should be involved in the political, economic and social life of our nation as it’s worthy of citizens. In our involvement into politics or daily activities, however, we must not fall into the mould of the sinful world system which is almost manifested in our nation in the form of bribery, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, ostentatious living and things like that. On the contrary, we must influence society through our changed lives”.

 Jesus Christ came in the physical form of a man and shared his examples of love.  So the Bible should be a transformative governance instrument or a policy guiding tool to create a harmonious and hospitable environment for all.

The owner of all natural resources is GOD, who chooses a leader to hold in trust the freely given resources from Him to his fellow men. And so a leader who is mortal must work with the fear of GOD, distribute such resources equitably for all devoid of abuse and discrimination.

Men of GOD in the Churches today should not reverse the teachings of Jesus Christ to the worshipping of the ‘Calf’. In a letter I sent to Pope Francis by as a Pentecostal on May 2013 with an acknowledgment on June 2013. The letter congratulated him for his thought-provoking liberation theological statements.

The communication stated that- “Messages of GOD through Your Holiness Pope Francis, if put into practice will save the entire money induced sick soul of the world. On behalf of like-minded, I thank Your Holiness for giving a pictorial insight of the spiritual and physical state of our sick world. The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the current cult for money.”

The golden calf of this age is the aggressive and uncompromising search and worship of money. That is done by governments, conglomerates, corporate and church leaders who have ignored and do very little for the survival of the poor who lacks food, clothing and shelter.

 The Church should not go back to the days when Moses departed for the ten (10) Commandments from GOD and on his return met the children of Israel worshipping the Calf.

The Church, today, should therefore create the space to roll out programs of better livelihood. Help widows, orphans, care for abandoned babies and children, carter for the older people, integrate families, and help women in the rural areas to form cooperatives.

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

That should be the mandate after Jesus’ body was battered, bruised and covered with blood. The Church shouldn’t be a place to enslave our minds, exploit and extort but rather give relief, joy, hope and inspiration.

Life Assembly Worship Centre

True Prophets have the foresight and heart to foretell what would happen later, speak the will of GOD as stated in Deuteronomy 18:18-19 and not the false ones described in Jeremiah 23:18-22. True Prophets admonish, direct, encourage, intercede, teach and counsel. They bring the Word of GOD to the people and call the people to respond.

Rev. Christian Andrew, in his progressive voice of faith during a prophetic all night service at the FIRE Grounds on the 14th June 2019, preached on what ought to be done in our country. His sermon touched on environmental cleanliness, enforcement of the law on corruption, the shift from deep seated partisan politics to true national cohesion and coexistence.

Rev. Andrew bemoaned the practice where politician neglect the basic needs of their constituencies and instead provide for themselves and cronies. He spoke about the need to develop the agricultural sector with the efforts and contributions of prisoners to boost the national economy. He added that the huge sums of monies spent on luxurious cars should be channeled into the development of the agricultural sector. He concluded that truth should therefore be the yardstick for National Development.

 Rev. Dr. Christian Andrew has a bold soul for using his Church and its Television station to awaken the consciousness of the nation towards prosperity. This awesome task initiated by him is remarkable and must be supported by all genuine Nkrumaist because there has been nothing like this since the dark day in 1966.

Instances of Liberation Theologians to awaken the consciousness of Africans at the grassroots include Simon Kimbangu of Congo, Isaiah Shembe of South Africa, W. Wade Harris of Liberia. Christian Andrew, a national prophet of Ghana, falls within this category. What ties them together are their Prophetic/Charismatic attack on the second kind of evil-supernatural evil and their emphasis on a holistic healing that can rid the African of such a curse.


 Finally, the youth are trapped in a state of despair, anxiety and frustration with their hopes battered by grow by Nkrumah are scattered all over the country, left to rot.

These numerous industrial, manufacturing and agricultural projects were established to provide jobs and create a working and industrious population.

They were established to absorb the rise in population and to prevent an unhealthy situation where so many youth complete their education only to be faced with no jobs in the horizon.

We appreciate and laud The Life Assembly Centre’s FIRE TV, for the timely, persistent broadcast of the fruits of the greatest African and his enviable legacy.

The dignity of the Blackman and the African personality shall arise and mature with this new journey of hope. Ghana Union Movement-GUM is the peoples’ movement of self- reliant. GUM calls for the unity of all, irrespective of tribe, race, religion, and political lineage.

If there is anybody here who is not watching FIRE TV, please begin today because FIRE TV is the only channel that is revealing to us what we have lost.

People of Ghana, arise and liberate yourself with the Word of GOD and as Fidel Castro fitfully said: “He who betrays the poor, betrays Christ.”

GHANA UNION MOVEMENT, imbibed with a determined, resilient and a well-defined NKRUMAIST ideology, shall get to the Promised Land full of milk and honey. Thank you and GOD bless you- Patriotic Ghanaians. 

©Benjamin Anyagre

Author: thincology


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