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K. Kakraba Pratt

Folks, I was reading Ghana news and came across this news item that a lot of Ghanaians appear to be rejoicing over as an honour to the memory and honour to our distinguished and illustrious son, the Late Major General Francis Vib Sanziri, who died while on duty as the Head of Mission and Force Commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights in Syria. I am referring to the naming of a road named after him as Vib Sanziri Route by Israel, an illegitimate occupying force.

Folks let us be clear. Why was Major General Vib-Sanziri in the Golan Heights in the first place? He was there because during an illegal invasion into Syria in 1967, Israel then the aggressor, seized the Golan Heights which is the legitimate territory of Syria and has occupied it ever since illegally as part of spoils of war, against international law and against the wishes of the Syrian government and people as well as the will and dictates of the United Nations which is the world body. There has been several condemnations from all over the world and several UN resolutions, some vetoed by Israel’s friends on the UN Security Council, for Israel to respect international law and return those occupied lands to no avail.

Recently the United States of America under president Trump have illegally and against international public opinion, unilaterally recognised the Golan of the Heights as a bonafide part of Israel thereby strengthening Israel’s hand in starting to develop the disputed lands as part of its territory.

It is a disputed land. It is illegally being occupied by Israel despite the international outcry. That is why UNDOF is in the Golan Heights and that is why Major General Vib Sanziri was there as the Head of Mission and Force Commanding Officer.

Question to ask is that does Israel, as an illegitimate occupier of land not belonging to her, have any rights and lawful authority to name a road, a stone, a canal or even the forest or any part of the Golan Heights in anybody’s honour? The answer is a brazen NO. The only authority that has the right to name anything in the Golan Heights are either the legitimate owners of the land that is Syria or the United Nations that have legal administrative supervision of the territory and not the illegal occupying force.

So I further ask, is it an honour in anyway, shape or form to be associated with a brazen illegality? Ghana is a member of the United Nations and a signatory to the United Nations Charter and has on many occasions voted with other members of the UN to uphold all its resolutions. We have a direct interest in ensuring compliance with UN resolutions. Israel is being disingenuous and looking for a way to court acceptance and legitimacy in the Golan Heights by cooking this fake honour in order to rope in one of Africa’s vociferous and most ardent supporter of the UN and its principles.

Ghana, by our non questioning of this honour and by accepting this as an honour are acquiescing to Israel’s chicanery and its wanton disrespect and disregard for United Nations resolutions and decisions.

Ghana must protest through its mission in the UN and the Israeli representative in Ghana by asking that the renaming of the road is a dishonour to our distinguished son and must be reversed forthwith. We cannot be seen to be supporting an illegality anywhere in the world even if the perpetrator is our friend. We must rather use our friendship and our good relationship with the government and people of Israel to nudge them in the right direction of respecting international law and international public opinion.

The Ghana Armed Forces must have known the history of the Golan Heights and must surely protest the dishonour that this action does to its image. We are recognised as among the top UN member nations that contribute hugely to UN peace missions across the world. We must not be dishonoured in this way.

We don’t need honour from a basically dishonourable principle. We must reject this dishonour as a matter of principle and also as our added contribution to global peace and security.

(The writer is a governance and public policy analysts in London)

Ideological preparation

Good, you need first of all in this current situation embrace an intellectual preparation, seriously guided by the bitter experiences of the past to improve upon any move toward a search for political power. We are not crying over split milk-l must say, because the damage caused by sending this Country back in decades is worth diagnosing everyday, because the traitors took calculus, tact and systematic moves to destroy our Nation. Hence, the need to be equipped with a defined type of ideological preparation to find sustainable solutions to the wickedness caused by the traitors.

The damage is not only deep ,very vast and runned our Country back into decades of retrogressiveness and so that must be noted.We can’t just run for an election, simply because others are doing so, we are not prepared within this calendar period of other political parties and their primaries, because we are ideologically apart,however it may be later and -yes, regarding the relationship between similar progressive establishments.

Furthermore, neo-colonial entities and their activities shouldn’t drive or compel others to do same. Each have their various programs of action which is their rights to pursue. Those who really believe in the ideals and values of Nkrumaism ought to carefully identify themselves first, map out certain things to ensure a solid common ground. We are still in a revitalization stages and still the SPIRIT OF NKRUMAH IS BACK.

The danger is with political power ,without a prepared ideologically grounded human resources, you stand to mess up- big time than the TRAITORS. That is why like minded progressives ought to converge shape and ensure without fail the desires of the people.

Progressive Activism

A brightly illuminating Nkrumaist front, must have a different paradigm of political activism in Ghana. Nkrumah said -self Government Now-which was a departure from what the businessmen advocated. A new Nkrumaist MOVEMENT, must not fall into the trap of the contemporary conventional way of doing politics in Ghana. That of the Nkrumaist must be more productive and indeed path the way to address the basic needs of the many suffering people of our Country and Africa at large. The Nkrumaist activism must be totally different from the neo-colonial-deceptive pattern of politics.

Nkrumaism in liberation theory

1-Nkrumah was trained at the Amissano Catholic Seminary before proceeding to Achimota;
2-After Achimota he became a catechist/ headmaster at Axim;
3-He was a lay preacher whilst a student at Lincoln University
4-Conscienceism addresses the African beliefs to Marxism;
5-Above all Nkrumaism focused on the HUMAN BEINGS and not PROFIT.


It is in the national interest to expose the younger generation to internal factors that contributed to the undermining of the Nkrumah regime.

Even Nkrumah at one stage sacked Botsio and had him arrested. The so-called revolutionary Botsio (who was Tsikata’s friend as NADAA is) had over 30 houses and properties all around the world at the time of his death. His Apam house built even in the early 1963 will today put some mansions at Trasaaco Village to shame. Why are people not being truthful? Why the need to be hypocritical about thieves?

Drive from Danquah Circle towards the Osu Castle. After the total petrol station and crossing the road, the next house on the right is for a Botsio now known as the Food Court. Just look at its magnificence even today. And that house was built by Botsio before 1965, all at the blind side of Nkrumah. Then there are the 3 houses at Airport Residential area one 5 minutes drive from Kufuor’s house. Then the Asylum Down property next to the Former Uhuru Dance Band practise house. There is one in Winneba behind Winneba Secondary school. Then on to Kotobabi, at Abavana Junction turn right to Mamobi Polyclinic and it’s the second or third double massive storey building in one acre of land. Then you go to Mampong Ɔhemaa’s house at Larteh. These are some of the properties in Ghana alone but pause, reflect and remember that all these were acquired before the overthrow in February 1966 of the CPP regime.

Please think of the likes of Sony Provincal and those old men still begging for crumbs at Insight office as the heroes to be honoured and not social parasites and mega rich socialists wanna bees. I will have a heart attack soon thinking about these thieves.

There is now clear evidence that the amount of money used for building the 33 GET schools by the Nkrumah government, spearheaded by the Ministry of Education then under Kojo Botsio, could have built 72 of such schools. Nkrumah’s target was 72. But contractors were routinely instructed to divert not only building materials to Botsio’s personal project sites but also in some cases manpower, all to the detriment of national work schedules and targets. I write with so much pain in my heart.

It is in the national interest that my generation EXPOSE, OPPOSE AND HELP THE YOUTH TO DEPOSE the property owning capitalism order that CPP’s own Botsio represented and which has now been consolidated by the Dukadaya. Property owning capitalism is nothing but state capitalism. State capitalism is the capture of state wealth generation institutions and natural resources by the ruling elite at the expense of the welfare and security of the mass of the population. In this case, poverty and underdevelopment become state-sponsored as a result of the economic crimes of the “greedy bastards” and the criminal entrepreneurial cartels they have institutionalised in service of neocolonialism. Such is the insight the younger generation must know.


TRUST AND LOYALTY can be restored if Our Father’s House is cleansed of all the treacherous influences of Tsikata and his acolytes. But we must be truthful to ourselves that Tsikata, Botsio and Tettegah destroyed the CPP and went ahead to again corrupt and destroy the TUC. They did not stop there as the (P)NDC set up the Divestiture Implementation Committee with PV Obeng, Ahwois and Ebo Tawiah as successive chairs to destroy the material foundations of the CPP as embodied in the job creating industrial and agricultural combines. This is the crux of the matter which must not be swept under the carpet.

The essential material conditions of life that the CPP created were purposefully destroyed by the Tsikatas/Rawlings/Ahwois Mafioso Cabal and their criminal entrepreneurial cartels. Transparency and accountability are therefore critical here.
If it is being affirmed that “KN is dead” it should not be difficult to accept also that the CPP is dead. Both KN and CPP have been downed by the “cancer of betrayal”. Such is the reality facing us.

What is so wrong therefore if the cupboards full of skeletons are being exposed to the younger generation? What FIRE TV is doing is exposing the industrial, manufacturing and agricultural skeletons that must not be swept under the carpet or kept hidden in the cupboards.

The Osɔfo Kyiriabosom is using his FIRE TV station to awaken Ghanaians to the evil minds and hands behind the economic genocide. Has Kagame swept under the carpet or hidden in cupboards the skulls and skeletons of the Rwanda genocide? It is only by Facing Reality that has enabled Rwanda to move Forward Ever.

FIRE TV HAS BECOME THE RED COCKEREL crowing to awaken and expose Ghanaians to the Marcus Garvey maxim that: If We Did It Before We Can Do It Again. What Osɔfo Kyiriabosom is preaching transparently is this: If Nkrumah Did It We Can Do It Again!!

Let us not forget that before Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrew came on the scene there were TV stations owned by Comrades Kwaw Ansah, Kwabena Duffuour, Papa Kwesi Nduom and Kwesi Pratt. ©Addai-Sebo


It takes real revolutionaries and those who care about the future to lift their bold souls to expose, oppose and depose. We have been deceived in a gargantuan fashion, especially when awards were given to brainwash our minds to think that those awards were meritorious. Surrogates and praise singers have benefited big time out of such diabolical assignments. Oh, what did Nkrumah do to deserve these wicked plans towards his life, simply because he anchored on an ideology to free his people from the shackles of slavery, colonialism, neo colonialism and neo slavery.

This is the time to examine the unfolding facts and picture those in the fore front of our current struggle and critique ourselves as to whether or not they are for a sincere and genuine cause. We need more of the facts to guide and give direction to the intriguing Pan African and National questions. Can we now examine the effects of the substance contained in that powerful historical narrative?. We have suffered enough.


WHAT MYTH? – K Kakraba Pratt

A dear elder brother and most trusted and cherished colleague who lives in London but mostly worked for Peace in West Africa sent me a posting culled from the Facebook page of Mr Explo Nani Kofi that seemed to waste a lot of energy and ammunition on the former tired, old, anti-Nkrumah, anti-African Unity, anti-social progress, anti-leftist, and irrelevant Security Capo of the erstwhile PNDC and NDC regimes, Captain Kojo Tsikata. I want to help set the records straight and to advise my friends on the “left” of Ghana politics to stop wasting time and refocus attention and fire in the right direction. Their duty now is to concentrate on reorganisation and mobilisation for action to rid their front and leadership of pretenders and saboteurs.

First of all and for the avoidance of doubt, Captain Kojo Tsikata himself, to the best of my knowledge, HAS NEVER EVER PUBLICLY CLAIMED, EITHER BY WRITING OR SPEECH ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, THAT HE IS A LEFTIST-MARXIST-REVOLUTIONARY-NKRUMAHIST-PRO-AFRICAN UNITY ADHERENT, STUDENT OR PROFESSOR. All such claims and allusions have been perpetrated brazenly and sycophantically on his behalf by leading, trusted, connected and nouveau-riche socialist wannabes, who have successfully captured the leadership of the leftist or “progressive” front in Ghana for several years. These so-called revolutionary or progressive leaders and academics are today riding horses they can’t breed and building palaces dotted around the country fit only for Princes and Kings that are even the envy of the most kleptocratic, bourgeois, Property Owning Democratic and misguided politicians that have ever graced our country.

So why are we targeting and attacking Kojo Tsikata who has made no such claims? Why are we not directing our anger at these “ants” in our cloths, who are daily hobnobbing with our very detractors and fanning all these accolades and undue praises on Captain Tsikata? Why have we left off the hook, the John Tettegahs, the Kojo Botsios, the Sonny Provencals, the Ebow Tawias, the Quaison-Sackeys, the Kofi Batsas, and others? All those still alive and selling out Ghana and Africa know themselves. They still occupy very high “leftist” positions so they must recognize themselves and deal with their consciences if they have any left. I am just holding the mirror to their faces. Soon these sidekicks of Captain Tsikata shall be exposed as their cups of betrayal are nearly full to overflow.

It is being circulated that Kojo Tsikata performed heroic deeds in the Congo. When? How? And on whose behalf? Major General Ankrah and Captain Kojo Tsikata were sent to the Congo as leaders and part of the Ghanaian military contingent with direct instructions and orders from the Osagyefo to protect the Pan-Africanist and anti-neocolonialist, Mr Patrice Lumumba, who was also the Prime Minister. Rather, these two officers acted contrary to Nkrumah’s instructions by not only failing to protect Prime Minister Lumumba but also actually turned Prime Minister Lumumba away from the camp of the Ghana contingent when he had finally managed to escape capture and presented himself to Ghanaian officers for protection and safety. In fact this singular act of disobedience to the Osagyefo was ultimately responsible for the capture and eventual murder of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba purely in the interest of the CIA and western imperialists that he was protecting the Congo, the Heart of Africa, from. Major-General Ankrah and Captain Tsikata and Colonel Joseph Mobutu handed over Prime Minister Lumumba to the imperialist Belgians who tortured and cut Lumumba’s body into pieces and packed them in a drum of acid to leave no trace of their dastardly deed. (This should remind you of how the Saudi Imperial Monarchy slaughtered respected journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.) So who did the “heroism” of Captain Kojo Tsikata benefit or favour? The African revolution and emancipation, or the Western colonialists and CIA interests? Your answer must be deeply reflected on.

That Captain Kojo Tsikata embarked on a mission to see his alleged mentor, Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, in Guinea-Conakry so he deserved an award from his praise singers??? Did Tsikata ever say that he went to Conakry on a pilgrimage? Captain Tsikata’s trip to Conakry was no Muslim going to Mecca. He was not in Guinea to help or assist the Osagyefo in anyway, shape or form. Why do you think the Osagyefo loved June Milne so much and trusted her with his life? Let me tell you a hidden secret. Four clear days before the arrival of Captain Kojo Tsikata to Conakry, a German intelligence operative, working with the MI5 in London, who grew up together with June Milne as primary school mates, Jolderine Willheim, (Don’t know if that was her real name or coded intelligence name) contacted June Milne and warned her of the arrival of Captain Kojo Tsikata to Conakry. Jolderine told June that Captain Tsikata was not on a mercy journey. Tsikata was actually on assignment on behalf of the CIA to attempt or plot the assassination and murder of Nana Kofi Nwia Osagyefo Dr Obenfo Kwame Nkrumah. Is it therefore a surprise to any of you that Captain Kojo Tsikata was arrested and detained and put on death row in Guinea-Conakry on his arrival?

Has any of his proud and loyal “socialist” apologists ever had the courage to directly question him on why he was arrested, and what charges were laid on him, and why he was to be executed, and why it took the personal, tearful and knee bending intervention of freedom fighter, Comrade Samora Machel, to save Tsikata’s neck? Samora Machel took Tsikata with him to Mozambique with a promise to keep him on a short leash. Why? Do you people think Tsikata’s sudden appearance in Mozambique and later Angola was an accident? Or, some strong desire or duty call to serve the Africa liberation struggle? Does any of you not realize why later, relationship between Conakry and Maputo deteriorated badly after Mozambique gained Independence?

You may also ask why Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) was prevented from entering Ghana by Captain Tsikata. Kwame Ture was with Nkrumah and Sekou Toure in Conakry during that period. Kwame Ture named himself after Nkrumah and Sekou Toure, the co-president and president of the Republic of Guinea respectively. Kwame Ture was the revolutionary alter ego of Nkrumah and Sekou Toure who scared the hell out of Captain Tsikata. Kwame Ture became the nemesis of Captain Tsikata.

Captain Kojo Tsikata wormed his way into the trust of the murdered Libyan leader and African Union advocate, Brother Muammar Al Gaddafi and during the latter part of his life Gaddafi appointed Tsikata to a senior advisory position and put Tsikata on the Al Mathaba central committee (a centre for the support of liberation movements and anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist organisations). What advice did Gaddafi get from Tsikata? Gaddafi was advised to accept full responsibility for the Lockerbie Bombing that Libya had no hand in (even CIA’s own documents prove this). Gaddafi was advised to accept responsibility, surrender two of his most trusted allies, who had opposed Tsikata’s counterintelligence penetration in Libya, to the West for trail for crimes they did not commit. Tsikata was used by the West to convince Gaddafi that it was the only way to be accepted by the West. Tsikata is alleged to have fooled Gaddafi into believing that if the West accepted Libya those African heads of state opposed to his African Union and African Personality consolidation initiatives would mellow. It was such advice that led Gaddafi to open his country to the murderers Tony Blair and George Bush (remember that former President George Bush, Senior, was involved in the Kotoka coup then as a CIA analyst and operative). Gaddafi went ahead and paid millions of dollars as reparations to victims of the Lockerbie bombing in the hope of peace and friendship with the West. Now you see what happened to him and what has happened to his country? Nobody who associates with the likes of Kojo Tsikata ever survives the vultures of the CIA and the West.

But folks, is it not sad that the left in Ghana has allowed the likes of Kojo Tsikata and Jerry John Rawlings, the two people who have confessed that Emanuel Kwashie Kotoka, the CIA agent, who masterminded and staged the coup that toppled the anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist CPP government on 24 February1966, is their hero. What a shame? Why is it that every recent CPP leadership apart from Hilla Limann have maintained such a hero worship relationship with this Captain Kojo Tsikata? Are you surprised that the CPP is going nowhere ever? If the CPP really means business and wishes to revive and be productive, it must cut all links and ties with the very venomous viper biting their heels and also remove any of their leaders propagating Kojo Tsikata as a saviour of the Left and the best thing that happened to Ghana and Africa.

Tsikata takes pride in telling others that he helped to convince Mandela and the ANC to dismantle the nuclear arsenal of South Africa and destroy and prevent the enhancement of the future nuclear capabilities of South Africa. Why? Tsikata’s minders have trained Tsikata to believe that Africa is not fit to be a nuclear power. Did Tsikata not sell off, dismantle and leave to rot most of the strategic industries, research institutions and agricultural plantations Nkrumah established to prove that “…the Black Man is [not] capable of managing his own affairs?”

But let us now stop wasting our bullets and ammunition on a spent force, agent of and for Africa’s enemies, who, apart from amassing lots of wealth at the expense of the African liberation and unification struggles, can never offer the left and socialist front or forum any meaningful leadership. BECAUSE, IN THIS WORLD, YOU CAN NEVER GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE.


Please if you love Ghana and Africa, share this with every contact and platform until the myth of Kojo Tsikata is broken and the lies of Rawlings and others are exposed for Ghanaians and Africans to wake up to THE GREAT DECEPTION OF OUR TIME.


It was Dr Amical Cabral who said of those who betrayed Nkrumah that: “… If you spit at the sky you spit on your own face.”The acolytes and praisesingers with sharp teeth who have perpetuated the Tsikata myth are spitting on their own faces now as they confer counterfeit honours on Tsikata to cover their “cancer of betrayal” as Cabral exposed their hands and deeds to the world during Nkrumah’s state funeral in Conakry, Guinea in 1972. Those who used Nkrumah, Castro and Cabral for their own purposes are now being exposed for, as Cabral said, their palms are too small to cover the sky. ©Addai-Sebo


Like minded progressives ought to learn from any given historical antecedence and that is a fact. Our learning curve is indeed embedded with TRUTH and no MISCONCEPTIONS. This platform is equally a PUBLIC SPACE and so any adverse materials to what is availed, should boldly be written and distributed, until then what we are seeing is the TRUTH.

If someone do not claim any Nkrumaist background, then that makes the matter worth intriguing and fact finding, and so let’s all be alert and better watch out-. No matter the situation, what is known to be the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH will oneday emerge. In a particular period of our history, a number of souls will still be alive to narrate to an audience, what transpired during and after the dark day in Ghana.

Interestingly, June Milne- a sympathiser and a truthful friend of Africa, let me simply say, an AFRICAN HEROINE, had she not intervened during the military uprising in Guinea to collect Nkrumah’s written materials, we would have completely forgotten them written by the GREATEST AFRICAN. We should appreciate any tangible information worth shaping the future.

Are we satisfied with where we are today as a Country? the question that will arise is-what REALLY WENT WRONG?. The TRUTH must and will be TOLD, be it written or oral with a revolutionary BOLDNESS devoid of TIMIDITY.


Ben anyagre


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