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CLEANSE THEE THY FATHER’S HOUSE which Tsikata, Botsio and Tettegah captured and turned it into a CORRUPTED PRIVITISED PARTY (CPP).

All that Tsikata/Botsio were concerned about in life was wealth accumulation (in CPP parlance, logistics control) at the expense of the state. Tsikata is a fraud and any CPPist or leftist or socialist or social-democrat who is loyal to Tsikata is equally a fraud. It is therefore the corrupt and corrupting hands and mind of Tsikata and his “babies with sharp teeth” like locusts that have to be cleansed. “Logistics” control and “resources” denial have been a tool used by Tsikata/Rawlings/Ahwois Mafioso Cabal to destroy the CPP, TUC and Cooperatives in Ghana. By their “state capture” the Mafioso Cabal took over the social security and pension funds of workers and used these funds to service and further their greed (wealth and “real” estate accumulation/agrandissement). Together with the Nadaa/Ken/Gabby Mafioso Cabal these fraudsters who constitute the Adabraka Consensus, brought in their French partners to seize absolute control of the flourishing bank that the “blood, sweat and tears” of workers had created. Yes, the Social Security Bank of Ghanaian workers was willed to Société Générale (SG) of France by the Adabraka Consensus to deny workers their own accumulated wealth that injected constant capital flow through the veins of the banking sector. The Dukadaya “state capture” of the social security and pension funds of workers is the mother of all fraud in Ghana. And the stamp of this mother-of-all-fraud is the plot of land where the SG Bank headquarters is now firmly located on Ringway Central, Accra. Workers will unmask the corporate veil when they start asking questions about the ownership of that plot of land accomodating the French SG Bank.
(Please do pause and ask yourself, what sort of mind would steal workers social security and pension funds and plot with foreigners to steal also the ” social security” bank of these same workers?) How can workers ever “bank” their hopes on the Dukadaya fraudsters who steal from them?
As Nkrumaists, it is our patriotic duty to EXPOSE, OPPOSE AND DEPOSE THE NEOCOLONIAL DUKADAYA and their secretive Adabraka Consensus think-tank. Cleansing the House that Nkrumah built would be meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the TUC and Workers’ Social Security and Pension Funds. ©Addai-Sebo


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