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Step Aside it is me They want

“Step Aside it is me They want”, the last words of Thomas Sankara.
Sankara refused to pay colonial taxes to France, he believed in Africa, changing the country name from Upper Volta named by the colonial masters to “Burkina Faso” meaning upright people.

He encouraged other Africa leaders then, not to pay Africans debt at IMF “we Are not the once who cost them and why must we pay those debts” he said.

This and many push France to kill him, with the help of his right man Blaise Compaoré he was a top associate of President Thomas Sankara during the 1980s, and in October 1987, he led a coup d’état during which Sankara was killed

At The National Headquarters, The Meeting Began at 04:15 pm, They Had Hardly Begun The Meeting When Gunshots Were Heard Outside at Exactly 04:30 pm, Two Personal Bodyguards of Thomas Sankara and Sankara’s Personal Driver Were The First To Taste Death On That Day, The Shooting Continued and Everybody In The Meeting Had No Choice But

To Take Cover, Sankara Immediately Thought Of A Way He Could Save The Life Of Everybody In That Room

As at This Time,His Aide Was Still By His Side,He Famously Said

“Step Aside, It is Me They Want”,
With Both Hands Raised and Without Any Weapon On Him, He Proceeded Outside To Meet Those Whose Sole Aim Was To Assassinate Him, Immediately He Stepped His Foot Outside, It Seems The Sight Of Thomas Sankara Angered The Killers Even More As They Riddle His Body With Hot Bullets…..

More of Thomas Sankara to follow

Africa Unite

‘Cause we’re moving right out of Babylon
And we’re going to our Father’s land
How good and how pleasant it would be
Before God and man, yeah
To see the unification of all Africans, yeah
As it’s been said already
Let it be done, yeah
We are the children of the Rastaman
We are the children of the Iyaman

So, Africa unite
‘Cause the children (Africa unite) wanna come home, yeah
Africa unite
‘Cause we’re moving right out of Babylon
And we’re grooving to our Father’s land

So, Africa unite
Afri, Africa unite, yeah!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) of your people!
Unite for it’s later (Africa unite) than you think!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) of my children!
Unite for it’s later (Africa uniting) than you think!
Africa awaits (Africa unite) its creators!
Africa awaiting (Africa uniting) its creator!
Africa, you’re my (Africa unite) forefather cornerstone!
Unite for the Africans (Africa uniting) abroad!
Unite for the Africans (Africa unite) a yard!


Madagascar has developed a medicine that has been used to prevent, treat and cure the ailment caused by the covid 19 virus. But since this is an achievement that has eluded the most advanced western drug companies,once again its effectiveness is being undermined because it was made in Africa.

It must be also noted that millions have already been spent developing vaccines and the last thing they want to hear is a cure.

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute however wish to urge all Africans to view this new discovery as a golden opportunity to rekindle the economic renaissance of the African continent.

We urge the African Union through its Commission on Continental Free Trade Area to seize the golden opportunity to encourage all African countries to coordinate with the Madagascan government to assess and order large quantities of the product to treat the disease in their respective countries.

This move is expected to
1- increase Madagascan revenue from export
2- improve the research capabilities of the drug company
3- enhance the chances of Madagascar becoming a power house of African traditional medicine with products that could rival similar ones elsewhere.

But most importantly this initiative will set rolling the ball on Continental Free Trade which could see other African products benefiting from it. This would improve the lives of Africans and make them understand and believe more deeply in the power of efforts made out of Unity
We also wish to urge African governments, civil society, companies and capable individuals to join this crusade to make Madagascar the first beneficiary of a potential African economic renaissance.

This is a chance to show how much we believe in ourselves. Let us not miss it as a contribution to AGENDA 2063.
UNITED AFRICA is our goal.


History is always the best judge. The many good things done under the administration of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for the benefit of his beloved nation, Ghana, ought to be brought to the limelight for today’s generation since most are ignorant or underestimate his achievements.

Education Sector

  • Senior High Schools

Under the Ghana Education Trust policy, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah built a number of Senior Secondary (High) Schools including:
Mfantsiman Secondary School, Ofori Panyin Secondary School, Techiman Secondary School, Winneba Secondary School,
Swedru Secondary School, Apam Secondary School, Dormaa Secondary School, Tema Secondary School, Oda Secondary School, and the Labone Secondary School.

  • Colleges of Education

Kwadaso College of Education,
Atebubu Training College, Berekum Training College, Fosu Training College and the Enchi Training College, Ghana National College of Cape Coast, etc.

  • Universities and Technical Institutes

Kumasi Technical Institute (now University) , Ajumako
School of Languages (now under UEW),
Accra Polytechnic now Accra Technical University, University of Cape Coast (UCC), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Institute of African Studies, Kwame Nkrumah Institute of Economics and Political Science (now south campus of UEW), made University of Ghana (then University College of Gold Coast affiliated to university of London) a full fledge university to award its own degrees and became their first chancellor, among others.

  • Other Education Policies

Free education for primary and middle schools (JHS) to ensure that every child of school age had education in Ghana.

Health Sector

  • Built the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (previously Kumasi central hospital)
  • Made Korle Bu a teaching hospital and expanded its capacity by constructing the Medical, Maternity, Surgical and Child Health blocks.
  • Established the Ghana Medical School
  • Free Medical care to all citizens
  • Established GIHOC pharmaceuticals
  • Built several hospitals and clinics.

Factories and Industries

  • Abosso Glass Factory
  • Zuarungu Meat Factory
  • Wenchi Tomato Factory
  • Kade Match Factory
  • Akosombo Textiles Limited
  • Kumasi Shoe Factory
  • Pwalugu Tomato Factory
  • Asutuare Sugar Factory
  • Komenda Sugar Factory
  • Kumasi Jute Factory
  • Nsawam Cannery, Brick and Tile Factory
  • Tarkwa Bonsa Tyre Factory
  • Bolgatanga Meat Processing Factory
  • Bolgatanga Rice Mill Factory
  • GIHOC Fibre Products Company, etc.

State Owned Enterprises and Companies

  • Ghana Black Star Line with almost 15 ships
  • Bank of Ghana (BoG)
  • Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)
  • Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)
  • National Investment Bank (NIB)
  • State Insurance Company (SIC),
  • Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT),
  • Ghana Oil Company (GOIL)
  • Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHAPOHA)
  • Tema Oil Refinery (TOR)
  • The National Management and Productivity Institute,
  • Ghana Film Industries, Accra
  • Ghana Airways Corporation
  • Ghana National Trading Corporation
  • Cocoa Marketing Board (COCOBOD)
  • Tema Steel Works
  • VALCO, etc.

State Housing and Hotel Projects

  • In Accra (Labone Estate, Kanda Estates, Osu Ringway Estates, Airport Residential Area)
  • In Kumasi (Patasi Estate, Kwadaso Estate, Buokrom Estates, North and South Suntreso)
  • Tema Township (Communities)
  • State Hotels (Star, Meridian, Ambassador, Continental now Golden Tulip Accra, Atlantic, City Hotel Catering Rest Houses now Golden Tulip Kumasi), Peduase Lodge.


  • Ghana Museums
  • Ghana Film Corporation
  • Ghana News Agency
  • Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
  • Atomic Reactor Station
  • Akosombo Dam
  • Restructured the British Military base into Accra (now Kotoka) International Airport.
  • Tema Motorway
  • Tema Harbour
  • Adomi Bridge
  • State Farms and Institutes

NB: All the above were achieved in less than 10 years (1957 – 1966)
Whatever Ghana is today, we all owe it to the ideas and innovation of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his administration. Out of envy and mismanagement, most of the factories built under his administration were left to decay.

If you have ever underestimated the achievements of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, I believe you have been enlightened now.

#Ghana is Nkrumah

#Nkrumah is Ghana


Nkrumaism is “the philosophy and ideology for decolonization and development of post colonial economies”. It is the sub-title of Kwame Nkrumah’s CONSCIENCISM.

Decolonisation means national ownership of natural resources expropriated through colonialism. Decolonisation means a vigorous food and agric raw material production for industrialisation and national food security. These were neglected by colonialism that emphasised export crop production and an agric economy preserved as a market for colonial manufactures with inherent export earning fluctuations, weak currency and trade deficits that denies us capital accumulation but debts.
Decolonisation defines our economic independence and it is irrefutable as our key to development and prosperity.
© Ekow Duncan ( former Chair, CPP Political Committee )


With every MAY DAY my spirits are lifted by the fact that the singular efforts of the United States of Apartheid (USA) to denigrate and kill off the significance of the call of Workers of the World Unite have failed. In Ghana the revisionist efforts of the Nana Addo government to denigrate the significance of African Liberation Day, Republic Day and Founder’s Day must fail. All cultural acts by the Nana Addo neocolonial government to put out the lamposts and beacons of Nkrumah’s significance must fail. Like May Day, the flames of African Liberation Day (25th May) and Republic Day (1st July) must not be dimmed or allowed to be extinguished by those who Nkrumah identified as quislings. This is why:

Nana Kobina Nketsia V clarifies: Nkrumah consistently reiterated the phrase ” African Personality”… To become African was in itself a rebellion against colonialism. It was a liberating cause. It revealed Africa’s singularity and the fact that it was the cultural system that was awakened to confront colonialism and demand freedom. Independence was the African Personality in action.
” NEOCOLONIALISM IS CULTURAL IMPOSITION AND A CONTINUATION OF THE COLONIAL AND IMPERIAL POLICY OF MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT AND DOMINATION. And cultural domination is enforced through the agency of religion, language, formal education, tastes and lifestyle, entertainment and sports. Didn’t the apartheid foundation shake when African school kids took to the streets in strike and boycotted the Afrikaan language? How do you think the British and French will react when you just ask the British Council and Alliance Française to pack and leave? TOWARDS NEOCOLONIAL FREEDOM IS THEREFORE A CULTURAL MOVEMENT. YES, A LIBERATING CULTURAL ACT.
POSITIVE ACTION was conceived in the Gold Coast on 7th January 1950 at the residence of the Essikado Paramount Chief, Nana Kobina Nketsia IV, in Sekondi. Then, the following day in Accra, there appeared Nkrumah, with the legendary trade unionist Pobee Biney beside him. Nkrumah declared a national POSITIVE ACTION of civil disobedience, strikes and boycott of European goods to rock the boat and upset the British colonial order. It is this same deep sense of cultural purpose that sparked the youth of Soweto to boycott Bantu Education. The June 16 1976 Soweto Uprising was a pent-up volcanic response to the 1974 Afrikaans Medium Decree forcing all black schools to use Afrikaans and English as the languages of instruction. Afrikaans was used for mathematics, arithmetic, and social studies while English was used for general science and applied subjects.
Such therefore were the cultural basis of the Nkrumah Positive Action declaration and the Soweto Uprising.
The Afrikaans, Europeans and the Jews, more than anyone else, understood what Steve Biko and the Black Consciousness movement meant to White Supremacy Hegemony. And in the same manner as Biko was hounded and killed so was Dedan Kimathi of the Mau Mau movement. Then you ask yourself why would Lumumba be killed, slaughtered into pieces and the body parts soaked in drums of acid? And what sense do you make out of the Chapel where the colonial Governor worships in Elmina Castle being erected on top of the slave dungeons?” ©Addai-Sebo


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