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…And our own Dr. Thomas Mensah

…And our own Dr. Thomas Mensah, with such an innovative mind and patriotic zeal, is advocating that both the government and the private sector should team up to help Ghana to leapfrog by investing in 5G technology and High Speed trains. For, we should recall that Nkrumah leapfrogged Britain when he intervened for GBC TV to go colour instead of black and white as management then wanted to mimick British broadcast technology. This foresight of Nkrumah enabled Ghanaians to enjoy colour TV before the Brits.

What Dr. Mensah is preaching is that Ghanaians at the helm of modern advances in technology must be encouraged to help the nation to MAKE UP, CATCH UP AND SURPASS. Using himself as an example, having risen up from humble beginnings to become one of the world leaders in fiberoptic and nano technology, he sees no reason why Ghana cannot overcome underdevelopment.

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