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And you know what?

And you know what? The Dukadaya are so scared of mass mobilisation. Union leaders will tell you how the seat of government reacts when any of the big unions do threaten to embark on a strike action because of a local grievance. The government goes into fire fighting and appeasement mode and offer inducements to compromised union leaders to “kill” the strike.
The government is thrown into PANIC mode as soon as the threat of a strike hangs in the air. This means that workers as organised in their unions have latent power which governments fear when unleashed. No one knew this better than Captain Tsikata, Ebo Tawiah and John Tettegah and so in service to their neocolonial masters they corrupted the TUC leadership front and turned the unions into toothless bulldogs. Thus, the union leadership today, have no sense of social purpose. Why? Because of the knee jerk fear of being exposed by agents of the very government that has corrupted the willing union leaders. FEAR AND CORRUPTION ARE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!
It’s FEAR AND CORRUPTION that is used to tame leaders of mass movements. Yes, THE THREAT AND USE OF VIOLENCE has been the hallmark of the Dukadaya from the 1950s. Tsikata perfected the art of the threat and use of violence as his weapon of mass destruction. The spectre of fear therefore hangs over Ghanaians who are also caught up in the quicksand of corruption.
We have the task of ridding ourselves of this umbrella of fear and elephantiasis of corruption . Yes, the NDC umbrella and the NPP elephant that constitute the Dukadaya continue to underdevelop Ghana to the benefit of their neocolonial masters.
Now you will understand why the NDC and NPP are of the same counterfeit coin. And you will understand their type of mind that will give counterfeit coins to the blind as alms on a Friday and Sunday. They are greedy bastards who create, loot and share without compunction. And the Dukadaya are so entrenched that they can only be removed through mass action just as Nkrumah did to the British colonial order.
Nkrumah says: THE SECRET OF LIFE IS TO HAVE NO FEAR. With mass action we will remove the umbrella of fear and the elephantiasis of corruption so as to set our nation free and truly self-governing utilising our human and natural resources in our own collective national interest.
It is in our own collective interest that we organise to capture power from the Dukadaya and use this state power to create a new society of true FREEDOM and JUSTICE .
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Author: thincology


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