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anti leftist are infiltration

Very,very ,VERY important piece, see how anti leftist are infiltrated into the progressive body politics to fish out information for their pay masters be within a given jurisdiction or outside. Let’s begin to question ourselves, as to who and who indeed were really behind and deeply involved in the assassination of Thomas Sankara, people will quickly mention Blaise Campaore- that is true, but which other ones in Africa were involved in the plot.

It’s mind blowing and may likely eat up your brains, once you get to know the truth. The struggle is for the sake of the future and a recovery from centuries of damages cruely inflicted on our ancestors and immediate past generation who suffered from slavery, colonialism, neo colonialism and neo slavery.

The struggle is a tediously serious matter and yesterday a given relations be which tribe but Africans home and in the diaspora shed their pain,sweat and blood. Today,time is not on the side of those committed in the quest for a prosperous and healthy society. Fanon, said a generation must identify its mission either to fulfill it or betray it- especially in this awkwardly greedy and selfish political atmosphere.

Nkrumah and his faithfuls did theirs; Sankara and his faithfuls did theirs; the faithfuls of today must do theirs. The deception, ‘wagadrill’ and mind games to effectively derail the march for a deserved freedom for our suffering people is ascending and must be forced to descend like a magnet ,so we must all be ALERT.

Author: thincology


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