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It takes real revolutionaries and those who care about the future to lift their bold souls to expose, oppose and depose. We have been deceived in a gargantuan fashion, especially when awards were given to brainwash our minds to think that those awards were meritorious. Surrogates and praise singers have benefited big time out of such diabolical assignments. Oh, what did Nkrumah do to deserve these wicked plans towards his life, simply because he anchored on an ideology to free his people from the shackles of slavery, colonialism, neo colonialism and neo slavery.

This is the time to examine the unfolding facts and picture those in the fore front of our current struggle and critique ourselves as to whether or not they are for a sincere and genuine cause. We need more of the facts to guide and give direction to the intriguing Pan African and National questions. Can we now examine the effects of the substance contained in that powerful historical narrative?. We have suffered enough.

Author: thincology


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