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All genuine/sincere Pan African actors with good faith/intentions ought to identify the bare fact that self-ego and search for individual fame and pride in the struggle for an industrialized and economically developed Africa-contributed greatly in the past to suppress/slow/postpone the selfless clarion call for African Union Government- NOW- By Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah In 1963.

The current Pan African CSOs, NGOs, CBOs, media , etc-as prerequisite should be-aware/carefully examine those events, guided by conscious lessons of the past -to handle-as a giant step to suppress/overcome that terrible canker/psychological disease of retrogression to ensure/pursue an ultimate desired goal of the African People’s interest/call for UNITY anchored on very huge potential benefits to the born and unborn Africans at home and in the Diaspora.

Follow the RAPID AFRICA PLAN and Kwame Nkrumah Ideological institute in building a new Africa we want to a leading GDP of 60Trillion in less than 40 years.

By Benjamin Anyagre, DFCIMS.


In respect within historical antecedence, those to be held responsible for breaking the industrial backbone of Ghana initiated by the Government of the First Republic are without any argument, the orchestrators, perpetrators, and actors of the 1966 coup.

That historical fact, mustn’t be swept under the carpet; because that retrogressive anti Pan African exercise had/has negatively affected/ twisted the DESTINY of millions upon millions of Ghanaians and Africans.

Intriguing question?, when the NLC cowardly abrupted the CPP administration-what did they do with the numerous national assets established by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah like the rubber plantations, etc (read DARK DAYS IN GHANA ).

Comparatively, the PNDC’s rule is not to be entirely blamed for the current sad predicament of Ghana.

They had their strengths and can be credited with ensuring Ghana’s peace/ stability/democratic practices.

In fact, the progressive aspects of the PNDC within a particular time in its history strengthen the relationship between Ghana and Cuba which went dead after the 1966 Coup. That should be acknowledged.

That, rejuvenated relationship enabled some Ghanaian children to be offered scholarships to be trained in Cuba till date, just like the ANC, SWAPO, FRELIMO, SPLA, Burkinabe revolution and others.

The PNDC had its own ” blind spots ” but should one narrow it to individuals-a BIG NO .

To single out and mention names infringes on the ” Rules of Natural Justice ” and some areas of the ” Law of Tort ” on whether or not, such an act amounts to a possible character assassination .

I wish, l had mentioned names of any PNDC member- with a privilege given them here to narrate their side of the story but because of their absence here, it is not proper to do so.

Actors of the 1966 coup are those heavily responsible as the number one culprits for the current unhealthy socio-economic quagmire of our country. They pathed the way for subsequent coups in Ghana.

We should therefore not be quite on that “killer event of the NLC” which has dragged the DESTINY and FUTURE of our country BACKWARD placing Ghana in an oblivious situation.

Let’s study the roots of that repugnant evil event and probe further with this statement-that, who did they hand over to? ……get the trajectory till date—-NLM/NLC Consultants/REVISIONIST-the swift.

Let’s candidly also evaluate the PNDC era, where many progressive souls were involved at a point in time and compare with what we are seeing in Ghana now. Let’s be “sincerely sincere” devoid of ” mind games ” and ask which of the governments can be credited with rural development after the 1966 coup.

If the 66 coup plotters had at that time, quickly realised their wrong doing/sellout and pursued the policies of the CPP , Ghana would have made positive strides.

Indeed, with time, it has proven to be the opposite until some actors being hunted by their conscience- confessed in their very old age.

Perhaps they were then afraid of their strong western intelligence sponsors- who attempts to undo the enviable development records of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and stop his Continental Union Government project.

Setting the records straight, about the government of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s excellent work for Ghana and Africa, it’s important to note that-when President Eyadema of Togo officially visited Ghana immediately after the 1966 coup, he was sent around some parts of Ghana, he saw numerous development projects- and asked- who spearheaded those projects and the reply was- Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, he was sad and said- “WHY THEN THE COUP”

He was very unhappy and did boycott a State Banquet organised in his honour at the State House and went back to Lome.

The 1966 coup should be the OUR STORY to tell; because that is the main cause of our socio-economic and political challenges- DARK DAYS IN GHANA and its still DARK until a Socialist Revolutionary Government is birthed like in Cuba, Bolivia and elsewhere.

By Benjamin Anyagre.

Privatization of Development Banks in Sri Lanka

Prof Howard Nicholas Presenting his views on technological

Very good ingredient for developing countries; especially of AFRICA.
The wealth of information/data for GROWTH is unambiguously stated here and clear.
The rest is within the ambit of leaders eager for real economic resurrection, growth and acceleration.
The seven years development plan of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is indeed an eye-opener, very much potent and contemporary relevant as we try to imbibe, resonate and deeply reflect on the message of Prof Howard Nicholas.
By Benjamin Anyagre.

Call for referendum on Africa Union Government

Accra, Aug. 14, GNA- The World Pan-Africanism Council (WOPAC) and the All-African People’s Organisation (AAPO) have called for a referendum on the grand debate for a union government for Africa. A Press statement issued by WOPAC and AAPO in Accra on Tuesday said the referendum would give mass participation to Africans to discuss continental unity.

The two organisations stressed: “We unequivocally call for the full involvement, participation and affirmation of the people of Africa on the Union Government question.”

The three-page press statement signed by Mr. Benjamin Anyagre, Executive Committee Member of WOPAC on behalf of the two organisations and made available to the Ghana News Agency, expressed dissatisfaction about the inability of the African Union (AU) to clench continental unity, at the Ninth Summit of the Union in Accra.

“This historical assignment for political and socio-economic unity of Africa in the spirit of a free and fair referendum by universal adult suffrage, will involve actively all people, irrespective of status in society, race, colour, tribe or religion,” the statement said. The document said it was wrong for only 53 Heads of State to decide on the future government for Africa for the over 830 million people on the Continent.

It said a referendum would end 50 years of debate on Union Government of Africa.

“We as Pan-African Mass Movement, in our wisdom and principle, state categorically, the position that there is no need to further delay the processes of an African Union government now.” The statement said the AU meeting failed to satisfactorily debate the issue of strategically re-position the freedom and development of Africa in the contest of unity.

The two Pan African organisations called on the AU to feature the Continental African Union issue during the 10th AU Summit in Ethiopia, in January 2008.

The statement called on stakeholders to marshal all efforts as a historical responsibility to safeguard the future of Africa and free the people from poverty, hunger, diseases and possible social extermination. 14 Aug. 07

Source: GNA




☆ Kwame Nkrumah
☆ Patrice Lumumba
☆ Frantz Fanon
☆ Marcus Garvey
☆ Eduardo Mondlane
☆ Bob Marley
☆ Toussaint Louverture
☆ Samora Machel
☆ Augustino Neto
☆ Thomas Sankara
☆ Modibo Keita
☆ Sekou Toure
☆ Steve Biko
☆ Lucky Dube
☆ Chris Hani
☆ Nelson Mandela
☆ Julius Nyerere
☆ John Garang
☆ Milton Obote
☆ Malcolm X
☆ Martin Luther King
☆ Muammar Gaddafi
☆ Ben Bella
☆ Kanyama Chiume
☆ Amilcar Cabral
☆ Haile Selassie
☆ Nnamdi Azikiwe
☆ W E B Du Bois
☆ George Padmore
☆ Henry Sylvester Williams
☆ Kwame Toure
☆ Robert Mugabe
☆ Jomo Kenyatta
☆ Fela Kuti
☆ Oliver Tambo
☆ Herbert Chitepo
☆ Joe Slovo
☆ James Africanus Horton
☆ Ottobah Cugoana
☆ Edward Blyden
☆ Atto Ahumah
☆ Alexander Walters
☆ Casely Hayford
☆ Mohammed Ali Duse
☆ Booker T. Washington
☆ James Kwegyir Aggrey
☆ Jean Price-Mars
☆ Lapido Solanke
☆ Wallace Johnson
☆ Ras Makonnen
☆ Harold Moody
☆ CLR James
☆ Abdel Nasser
☆ Tom Mboya
☆ Leopold Senghor
☆ Cheikh Anta Diop
☆ Mangaliso Sobukwe
☆ Walter Rodney

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s – teachings

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s – teachings ( Lion of Africa) -offers a wholeheartedly apt and REDEMPTIVE leadership- for Africa to- Rediscover her potential.

UNITED AFRICA GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN is an unstoppable force- enough to dismantle the agonies of poverty, hunger, balkanization, ” TRIB-RACISM ” and backwardness.

Nkrumaism embraces the full strength of inclusiveness in diversity to greatly unlock the bounty potential of a people to build a secured home- ” PARADISE HOME ” with its corresponding values and resources.

Each awaken son and daughter of Africa- therefore has a duty like Fanon said to bring an edifying block to be added on the UNITED AFRICA foundation laid by our forebearers.

We must create the beautiful African home that we WANT against the forces of EGOISM and self-centredness to wisely safeguard and protect the AFRICAN PERSONALITY to continue to contribute more to human civilization as has been in the past centuries. By Benjamin Anyagre.


Heed to above and ye shall know the truth- and that truth shall overcome the forces of neo-colonialism.

Indeed, the above WORD is what l call positive LIBERATION THEOLOGY geared towards addressing the contemporary awkward African situation- and it is using the PULPIT to educate and enlighten a given religious sect to rediscover themselves to ensure a GODLY, lovely, healthy and dignified living, like the adage, “God helps those who help themselves”.

WISDOM is embedded in the WORD of GOD against any retrogressive act of a mortal man. Hence, Brothers and Sisters of Africa- no matter where you are, let’s arise, unite to help ourselves, and safeguard our generation.

The Star of a UNITED AFRICA is our sacred dream and search-B Anyagre.

The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church is now the president of his country

They said when the righteous is on the throne people will rejoice. Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chekwera is an example of the above statement. He is a God-fearing man. He has just been elected the president of Malawi, winning the incumbent president through a free and fair election held yesterday in Malawi. His winning was due to records of good achievements in Assemblies of God Church. Below is the profile and brief history of Dr. McCarthy.

Brief History of Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chekwera
Dr. Lazarus Chakwera was born in Lilongwe, now the capital city of Malawi, on 5 April 1955. He was born to a subsistence farmer in the outskirt of Lilongwe city. Two of his brothers born before him died in infancy. His father, believing that he would live, gave him the name Lazarus as the Bible character who was raised from the dead.

He is the only son with surviving sisters. Lazarus Chakwera is married to Monica and together they have four children and grandchildren.

His Achievements
He has worked as an instructor at the Assemblies of God School of Theology from 1983 to 2000 where he became the Principal in 1996. He has been the co-director and a lecturer at All Nations Theological Seminary. Since 1989 he has been at the helm of Malawi Assemblies of God presidency. On 14 April 2013, he took many by surprise when he declared his intentions to run at a Convention of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as president while still maintaining the Assemblies of God Presidency. His landslide victory at the MCP convention went down in the history of Malawi as the first of its kind of any political party in Malawi.

His political career
Professor Lazarus Chakwera’s interest in politics became known to the public on 9 April 2013 when rumours of his interest to join the presidential race of the MCP were on the online media. The rumours were confirmed later to the public on 14 April 2013. Chakwera later submitted his nomination papers while still at the helm of the Malawi Assemblies of God.

The MCP convention slated for 27 April 2013 was later postponed to 10 and 11 August where he was elected as the president of MCP and he will represent the party in the 2014 general election.

Chakwera announced his resignation as the Head of the Malawi Assemblies of God (AG) with effect on 14 May 2013.He said this would enable him to concentrate more on front-line politics. He remains God’s minister known to serve God’s people in a different context other than the church.

Today he has been declared a winner and the president of his country Malawi.

we say congratulation to a man of purpose and vision. we know you are going to lead your people with fear of God. Your leadership in Assemblies of God church malawi is a proof. we shall say to God of Assemblies.

All we say is thank you lord.


PLEASE, DO NOT VOTE for these guys

Yeshua made a powerful statement regarding unity, he said:

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand” – Matthew 12:25

This year alone Africa is scheduled to have about 20 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Some countries have already held their elections. Electoral activities are still underway in many other places.

Elections in Malawi happened last week (23rd June 2020). And the result was announced yesterday (28th June 2020).

Many more elections are ahead of us. These include Burundi (20 May 2020), Tanzania (25 October 2020), Guinea (October 2020), Ivory Coast (31 October 2020), Burkina Faso (22 November 2020), Egypt (November 2020), Ghana (7 December 2020), Chad (13 December 2020), Nigeria (27 December 2020), Central African Republic (27 December 2020) and more.

Africa’s 2020 election calendar presents a great opportunity to engineer change across the continent.

We must seek to make the objective of a United States of Africa an issue for election campaigns in all African countries.

The union agenda saw massive progress in the early days because Kwame Nkrumah and his friends made it the people’s agenda.

A sea change can be engineered using election campaigns to redirect the people’s energies towards the United States of Africa. This way, 2020 elections in Africa will produce leaders who cannot ignore the call for unity.

If we elect leaders and hold them to account on the issue of a united Africa, the union agenda will move to occupy a central place again in African politics.

Only a united economic front will be adequate to create a strong currency that could withstand the tow of America, Asia, and Europe.

Only a united defense force will be strong enough to deter those who threaten us with destabilization, sanctions, isolation, coup-d’état, and war.

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) has been working towards the United States of Africa by the year 2022.

This is possible if our elections produce pro-union leaders. To prepare the grounds, it may be necessary for the KNII to broker deals with political parties and their leadership to ensure the union agenda becomes a central part of all election campaigns in Africa.

As you read this message please note that no single African country can succeed in the current economic climate. Yet, Africa still has enough natural resources to build a continental civilization at lightning speed.

Unless we unite, we cannot take control of these resources for the benefits of our people.

Therefore, the United States of Africa must be the non-negotiable objective of all elections in Africa.

Please look for a candidate or party in your country that is inclined to this objective and support their campaign in any way you can.

DO NOT vote for candidates or parties that resist the union agenda. Such leaders will not only oppose the plan, but they could also make it impossible through bi-lateral agreements and by entrenched legislation.

If we fail this time, God forbid, it may take another decade or two before we get back on track.

Be blessed


Nkrumah Ideological Institute commends former President Obasanjo

Accra, June 8, GNA – The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) has commended former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, for his solidarity with Dr Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (ADB).

Dr Benjamin Anyagre, KNII Executive Director described the former Nigerian President’s call on former African heads to stand against “unfounded” allegations as bold steps especially the unfounded allegations against Dr Adesina.

Dr Anyagre in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra noted that although some whistle blowers had alleged, that Dr Adesina violated the ADB’s code of ethics as President, an independent body had cleared Dr. Adesina through laid down processes of the Bank.

He said it was unfortunate that other international governments were calling for another independent investigation to be carried out into the same case.

“President Obasanjo has demonstrated firm Pan-African leadership by rallying his colleague past Presidents of some African states to issue a press statement to support the laid down procedures on the allegations against Dr. Adesina,” Dr. Anyagre said.

He said it was worth noting that the positive outcomes of the financial and operational exploits of Dr. Adesina, had capitulated and maintained the Bank’s triple A rating by global standards.

Dr Anyagre said the Bank’s quest to improve the quality of life of Africans, needed the ultimate grassroots support of Africa.

“Africa must rise to protect her truest rights against any alien dictatorships that seek to thwart the original goals of the Bank that were set in 1964” he said.

Dr Anyagre added that it was important that those government who are seeking to interfere, stayed off the Bank, “which was set up by Africans to protect and promote the development of Africa.”

“In view of this, the KNII humbly suggests that the ADB considers assessing the feasibility of taking advantage of the COVID-19 organic discovery in Madagascar, to develop a pan African Pharmaceutical Company, using the medicine from Madagascar as its first major product,” he said.
Dr. Anyagre said such a move would unearth and market other powerful traditional African medicines that could match or surpass products from elsewhere.

Meanwhile Former President Obasanjo’s letter recounted that Dr. Adesina have led the ADB to achieve a historic general capital increase of 155 billion dollars, the highest in the history of the bank since its establishment in 1964.

It also stated that in less than five years of Dr. Adesina’s leadership, the Bank’s investments had benefited 333 million Africans among several other achievements.

“The Bank’s governance could be hijacked from Africa, if we do not rise up to defend the ADB,” the letter stated.


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