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The major source of racism, is a notorious pomposity practised by people who are still morally barbaric and ungodly. In fact, the feeling of one race being superior to the other is an uncivilized and ancient practice – a foolish one for that matter.

Any human group which still holds unto this antiquated culture of superiority over others is simply the obverse to civilized humanity. Such a group can therefore no longer fit into the tide of present world whose conscience and ethics are geared to equality, and indeed, see all races as equal and all peoples on the earth as one.

Courtesy Hon Amusu Kwaggrey HUMANITY is not made up of one race. And a race is not made up of one tribe, ethnic group or nationality. Yet we are all one race and one humanity without anyone being superior or inferior to the other. This is the standing moral and divine law. To state otherwise is a blasphemy and a mockery of our human civilization. Courtesy Hon. Amusu Kwaggrey.


Black Lives Matter, Accra

Blacks in London Host First-Ever Memorial Service for Victims of Transatlantic Slave Trade

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On Aug. 21, a group of demonstrators from the organization Slavery Remembrance held the first memorial to enslaved Africans at Trafalgar Square in London, England.

In the clip,  state that many Englishmen hardly acknowledge the day that brings awareness to the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade.

“This is the first-ever memorial service for International Slavery Remembrance Day,” Shezal Laing, the group’s founder states. “This day passes by largely unnoticed, and most people are unaware that the day exists.”

Echoing those sentiments, British rapper and activist Akala says it has always been a problem when Black people remember their history.

“When Black people remember their victim-hood at the hand of the British empire, apparently they should get over it and it is all in the past,” he explains. ” Even though the legacy is still here …”

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization designated Aug. 23 International Slavery Remembrance Day to recognize the Haitian Revolution.

The revolution that shocked and put European colonial powers on high alert began Aug. 22, 1791, but continued the following day.

Furthermore, UNESCO cited the revolution as the spark that ignited abolition in the western world.

Organizers of yesterday’s memorial hopes that attendance and awareness grows.


Pan-Africanism: Organize for George Floyd

“My student sent me a WhatsApp message and asked about my response to the most recent police violence against an unarmed African man and I felt obliged to write a post”.

Sitting here in Accra I see the outrage, disgust, and anger that many on Social Media and on the ground are feeling.  First off let me get this straight there is a rebellion happening in Minneapolis and let’s not forget that rebellions have sparked some sort of change.  In spite of my support for the rebellions happening now, I must also take a sober look at how we can stop these extrajudicial killings from happening not just in America but Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, or any place where police/military have killed African people.



Police Violence is a by-product of capitalism a system where profit is more important than people.  It is a system in which global capitalists and corporations exploit the working class and the masses to make more and more profit.  This results in institutions that theoretically should “serve and protect” humanity to “serve and protect” the capitalist system.  This translates into racist policies both spoken and unspoken dictating the actions of police and the military.  The undercurrent of race and class in America is institutionalized in the very fabric of America.  As a result, it drastically impacts African, Latinx, Asian and other people of color in ways that play out as mass-incarceration, police violence, high rates of health disparities, lack of employment, political and economic oppression and so much more.

The question about the next steps is an interesting one because until this system is dismantled and Pan-Africanism is achieved African men and women will continue to be killed in the street.  This will happen from Lagos to London to Minneapolis to Bahia and it will not be because we are African!! Capitalism as an economic system is nothing but cancer on humanity and mother nature.

The fundamental question we should be wrestling with as we process the tragic murder of Geroge Floyd is not just about the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.  We must process what this means to our sons and daughters and sisters and brothers and ourselves as we take a sober look at the fundamental contradiction.  That fundamental contradiction is CAPITALISM. We must dedicate ourselves to building a movement that can defend African people.  The pain that we feel in our hearts every time we see one of our sisters or brothers shot or choked out because they are African must be re-directed to achieving Pan-Africanism.  It is only a unified Africa that can fight for our people in Africa and the Diaspora.

So in my general fashion let me make four recommendations about the way forward:

  1. Join an organization fighting for the liberation and unification of Africa and African people globally.
  2. Educate our youth about Pan-Africanism and show how it will benefit them and their descendants.
  3. When organizing protests and rebellions against murder in our communities do it from a Pan-African perspective.  Connect it to the larger Pan-African and internationalist movement and the challenges and victories that this movement bring.
  4. Most importantly, recognize the limitations of the world in which we live in and this means that until we seriously talk about an alternative to capitalism we will be here mourning another African month after month and year and year.

Despite this blog..please know that I am as angry and pained as everyone else.   Every time an African is killed a part of my heart aches-it reminds me of the struggle that we had to endure during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and colonization and neo-colonialism.  It is the pain that drives me to organize for Pan-Africanism

Support and condolences go out to the family of Geroge Floyd and all of the other family members that we will lose at the hands of the capitalist system.

Organize, Organize, Organize!!!

Ready for Revolution


Andre Ayew joins big-name footballers in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement

Ghana skipper Andre Ayew has added his voice to the growing list of footballers in a show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Swansea City attacker spoke out amid the civil unrest in the United States in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Floyd, aged 46, died last week shortly after Derek Chauvin, a police officer, held him down with a knee on his neck though he repeatedly pleaded, “I can’t breathe,” and “please, I can’t breathe”.

Ayew took to his social media page to express his sadness; 



The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII)

Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) urges US Government to protect citizens

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) on Friday urged the American government to do more to protect the lives of its citizens and ensure, that people do not become victims of unjust law enforcement.

“The Institute urges the government of the United States of America, to eliminate all kinds of unjust racism, that make it easy for some people to become victims of unjust law enforcement,” Dr Benjamin Anyagre, KNII Executive Director stated in Accra.

Dr Anyagre who was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the killing of George Floyd, a 46 year and a father of two by US law enforcement officers, described the incident as an act of cold murder.

“This savage act is no different from the cruelty of the slave trade, nor is it different from the lynching of slaves and freed blacks in the Americas,” he said.

He likened the incident to “the inhumanity of apartheid and all the acts of maltreatment against people of African descent that happens in many parts of the world”.

Dr. Anyagre urged the US Government to ensure that the cause of justice was duly served in the case, in order to regain the trust and confidence of the citizenry in the ability of the law enforcement agencies to protect the rights and lives of all US citizens.

“We demand that once found guilty, those found to have fouled the law in this case be punished in accordance with their crime,” he said.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, which happened to be African Liberation Day, Floyd died on Monday after a white Minneapolis police officer used his knee to pin Floyd’s neck to the ground for several minutes.

All four officers involved in the killing have been dismissed so far, while protests keep spreading throughout other states besides Minneapolis over the killing.

Step Aside it is me They want

“Step Aside it is me They want”, the last words of Thomas Sankara.
Sankara refused to pay colonial taxes to France, he believed in Africa, changing the country name from Upper Volta named by the colonial masters to “Burkina Faso” meaning upright people.

He encouraged other Africa leaders then, not to pay Africans debt at IMF “we Are not the once who cost them and why must we pay those debts” he said.

This and many push France to kill him, with the help of his right man Blaise Compaoré he was a top associate of President Thomas Sankara during the 1980s, and in October 1987, he led a coup d’état during which Sankara was killed

At The National Headquarters, The Meeting Began at 04:15 pm, They Had Hardly Begun The Meeting When Gunshots Were Heard Outside at Exactly 04:30 pm, Two Personal Bodyguards of Thomas Sankara and Sankara’s Personal Driver Were The First To Taste Death On That Day, The Shooting Continued and Everybody In The Meeting Had No Choice But

To Take Cover, Sankara Immediately Thought Of A Way He Could Save The Life Of Everybody In That Room

As at This Time,His Aide Was Still By His Side,He Famously Said

“Step Aside, It is Me They Want”,
With Both Hands Raised and Without Any Weapon On Him, He Proceeded Outside To Meet Those Whose Sole Aim Was To Assassinate Him, Immediately He Stepped His Foot Outside, It Seems The Sight Of Thomas Sankara Angered The Killers Even More As They Riddle His Body With Hot Bullets…..

More of Thomas Sankara to follow

Africa Unite

‘Cause we’re moving right out of Babylon
And we’re going to our Father’s land
How good and how pleasant it would be
Before God and man, yeah
To see the unification of all Africans, yeah
As it’s been said already
Let it be done, yeah
We are the children of the Rastaman
We are the children of the Iyaman

So, Africa unite
‘Cause the children (Africa unite) wanna come home, yeah
Africa unite
‘Cause we’re moving right out of Babylon
And we’re grooving to our Father’s land

So, Africa unite
Afri, Africa unite, yeah!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) of your people!
Unite for it’s later (Africa unite) than you think!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) of my children!
Unite for it’s later (Africa uniting) than you think!
Africa awaits (Africa unite) its creators!
Africa awaiting (Africa uniting) its creator!
Africa, you’re my (Africa unite) forefather cornerstone!
Unite for the Africans (Africa uniting) abroad!
Unite for the Africans (Africa unite) a yard!


Madagascar has developed a medicine that has been used to prevent, treat and cure the ailment caused by the covid 19 virus. But since this is an achievement that has eluded the most advanced western drug companies,once again its effectiveness is being undermined because it was made in Africa.

It must be also noted that millions have already been spent developing vaccines and the last thing they want to hear is a cure.

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute however wish to urge all Africans to view this new discovery as a golden opportunity to rekindle the economic renaissance of the African continent.

We urge the African Union through its Commission on Continental Free Trade Area to seize the golden opportunity to encourage all African countries to coordinate with the Madagascan government to assess and order large quantities of the product to treat the disease in their respective countries.

This move is expected to
1- increase Madagascan revenue from export
2- improve the research capabilities of the drug company
3- enhance the chances of Madagascar becoming a power house of African traditional medicine with products that could rival similar ones elsewhere.

But most importantly this initiative will set rolling the ball on Continental Free Trade which could see other African products benefiting from it. This would improve the lives of Africans and make them understand and believe more deeply in the power of efforts made out of Unity
We also wish to urge African governments, civil society, companies and capable individuals to join this crusade to make Madagascar the first beneficiary of a potential African economic renaissance.

This is a chance to show how much we believe in ourselves. Let us not miss it as a contribution to AGENDA 2063.
UNITED AFRICA is our goal.


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