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In respect within historical antecedence, those to be held responsible for breaking the industrial backbone of Ghana initiated by the Government of the First Republic are without any argument, the orchestrators, perpetrators, and actors of the 1966 coup.

That historical fact, mustn’t be swept under the carpet; because that retrogressive anti Pan African exercise had/has negatively affected/ twisted the DESTINY of millions upon millions of Ghanaians and Africans.

Intriguing question?, when the NLC cowardly abrupted the CPP administration-what did they do with the numerous national assets established by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah like the rubber plantations, etc (read DARK DAYS IN GHANA ).

Comparatively, the PNDC’s rule is not to be entirely blamed for the current sad predicament of Ghana.

They had their strengths and can be credited with ensuring Ghana’s peace/ stability/democratic practices.

In fact, the progressive aspects of the PNDC within a particular time in its history strengthen the relationship between Ghana and Cuba which went dead after the 1966 Coup. That should be acknowledged.

That, rejuvenated relationship enabled some Ghanaian children to be offered scholarships to be trained in Cuba till date, just like the ANC, SWAPO, FRELIMO, SPLA, Burkinabe revolution and others.

The PNDC had its own ” blind spots ” but should one narrow it to individuals-a BIG NO .

To single out and mention names infringes on the ” Rules of Natural Justice ” and some areas of the ” Law of Tort ” on whether or not, such an act amounts to a possible character assassination .

I wish, l had mentioned names of any PNDC member- with a privilege given them here to narrate their side of the story but because of their absence here, it is not proper to do so.

Actors of the 1966 coup are those heavily responsible as the number one culprits for the current unhealthy socio-economic quagmire of our country. They pathed the way for subsequent coups in Ghana.

We should therefore not be quite on that “killer event of the NLC” which has dragged the DESTINY and FUTURE of our country BACKWARD placing Ghana in an oblivious situation.

Let’s study the roots of that repugnant evil event and probe further with this statement-that, who did they hand over to? ……get the trajectory till date—-NLM/NLC Consultants/REVISIONIST-the swift.

Let’s candidly also evaluate the PNDC era, where many progressive souls were involved at a point in time and compare with what we are seeing in Ghana now. Let’s be “sincerely sincere” devoid of ” mind games ” and ask which of the governments can be credited with rural development after the 1966 coup.

If the 66 coup plotters had at that time, quickly realised their wrong doing/sellout and pursued the policies of the CPP , Ghana would have made positive strides.

Indeed, with time, it has proven to be the opposite until some actors being hunted by their conscience- confessed in their very old age.

Perhaps they were then afraid of their strong western intelligence sponsors- who attempts to undo the enviable development records of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and stop his Continental Union Government project.

Setting the records straight, about the government of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s excellent work for Ghana and Africa, it’s important to note that-when President Eyadema of Togo officially visited Ghana immediately after the 1966 coup, he was sent around some parts of Ghana, he saw numerous development projects- and asked- who spearheaded those projects and the reply was- Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, he was sad and said- “WHY THEN THE COUP”

He was very unhappy and did boycott a State Banquet organised in his honour at the State House and went back to Lome.

The 1966 coup should be the OUR STORY to tell; because that is the main cause of our socio-economic and political challenges- DARK DAYS IN GHANA and its still DARK until a Socialist Revolutionary Government is birthed like in Cuba, Bolivia and elsewhere.

By Benjamin Anyagre.


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