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Center Of Awareness Food Supplement (COA FS) May Be The Cure For COVID-19 – Noguchi Institute Director

Ghana’s COA FS may be the cure for COVID-19 if all measures put in place by the regulatory agencies goes as well as expected.

The locally produced food supplement, COA FS, has been proven to be an immune booster which may help fight against coronavirus since the virus is not able to thrive in a strong immune system.

This revelation was made by the director at the Noguchi Memorial Medical Institute, Professor Abraham Kwabena Anang, in an interview with Joy Business.

Currently the samples are with regulatory bodies who are in charge of endorsing medications.

“We want to make sure that COA FS is properly tested and assessed. We actually have a process ongoing with a comprehensive stakeholder approach with the Food and Drugs Authority, Centre for Plant Medicine and others.”

According to him, the Institute is conducting clinical tests to ensure that the assumption is true and to determine whether the product can be proven medically to fight against any virus.

He said “so we are in the process of putting together the clinical results before we are able to say this medicine is good and can even be exported for HIV, Covid-19 or any viral disease. For now the medicine is registered as an immune booster and as an immune booster, we know that for Covid-19 if you have a stronger immune system then there is a better chance of surviving.”

COA Food Supplement is a herbal medicine, which derives its name from the Ghanaian-based manufacturer called Centre of Awareness (COA).

Prof Anang emphasised that COA FS is an immune booster and we cannot make conclusions yet if it cures COVID-19.

“So if it is an effective immune booster then you can also assume that it can help in the fight but of course unless you use it, you can’t tell,” he said.

A donation was made by a home care and detergent manufacturer who presented some items to the Institute to aid in its work in helping curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Ghana.

Speaking on the sidelines of the donation, the director of the Noguchi Institute, made a passionate appeal to private sector businesses and philanthropists to come to their rescue as they need resources to operate.

He stressed the need for the private sector to support efforts by government in resourcing them and to build the capacity of the Institute in order to cater to the African continent.

How will this affect Ghana’s economy?
If the tests prove that COA FS is the right immune booster to fight against the novel coronavirus, it will be one of the most exported products from Ghana. Looking at the high demand for a cure for the virus, many countries will scramble for it hence it will improve Ghana's economy since it will be exported more. However, COA FS can contribute greatly to Ghana’s economy provided our leaders are transparent about it.


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