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Like minded progressives ought to learn from any given historical antecedence and that is a fact. Our learning curve is indeed embedded with TRUTH and no MISCONCEPTIONS. This platform is equally a PUBLIC SPACE and so any adverse materials to what is availed, should boldly be written and distributed, until then what we are seeing is the TRUTH.

If someone do not claim any Nkrumaist background, then that makes the matter worth intriguing and fact finding, and so let’s all be alert and better watch out-. No matter the situation, what is known to be the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH will oneday emerge. In a particular period of our history, a number of souls will still be alive to narrate to an audience, what transpired during and after the dark day in Ghana.

Interestingly, June Milne- a sympathiser and a truthful friend of Africa, let me simply say, an AFRICAN HEROINE, had she not intervened during the military uprising in Guinea to collect Nkrumah’s written materials, we would have completely forgotten them written by the GREATEST AFRICAN. We should appreciate any tangible information worth shaping the future.

Are we satisfied with where we are today as a Country? the question that will arise is-what REALLY WENT WRONG?. The TRUTH must and will be TOLD, be it written or oral with a revolutionary BOLDNESS devoid of TIMIDITY.


Ben anyagre

Author: thincology


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