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First Ten Year Implementation Plan of The “AFRICA WE WANT”

  • Agenda 2063 is from 2013 to 2023.
  • Peace and Security – immediately establish an African high command / Disaster management in 2021 to be stationed in Mali .
  • United Africa Conference to birthed a New Nation in Tanzania in 2022 .
  • Time to move from toooooo much volumes of rhetorics with grassroots MOBILIZATION/GROWTH to see the physical implementation of the Ten Year Implementation Plan, like the 2017- ACFTA program of action headquartered in Accra.
  • This whole exercise is not a University Dissertation or Thesis, it’s all about ORGANISING and building systems and structures to enforce what is deemed appropriate for Africans-PERIOD .

By Comrade Ben Anyagre- Executive Director, KNII

Author: thincology


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