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Ideological preparation

Good, you need first of all in this current situation embrace an intellectual preparation, seriously guided by the bitter experiences of the past to improve upon any move toward a search for political power. We are not crying over split milk-l must say, because the damage caused by sending this Country back in decades is worth diagnosing everyday, because the traitors took calculus, tact and systematic moves to destroy our Nation. Hence, the need to be equipped with a defined type of ideological preparation to find sustainable solutions to the wickedness caused by the traitors.

The damage is not only deep ,very vast and runned our Country back into decades of retrogressiveness and so that must be noted.We can’t just run for an election, simply because others are doing so, we are not prepared within this calendar period of other political parties and their primaries, because we are ideologically apart,however it may be later and -yes, regarding the relationship between similar progressive establishments.

Furthermore, neo-colonial entities and their activities shouldn’t drive or compel others to do same. Each have their various programs of action which is their rights to pursue. Those who really believe in the ideals and values of Nkrumaism ought to carefully identify themselves first, map out certain things to ensure a solid common ground. We are still in a revitalization stages and still the SPIRIT OF NKRUMAH IS BACK.

The danger is with political power ,without a prepared ideologically grounded human resources, you stand to mess up- big time than the TRAITORS. That is why like minded progressives ought to converge shape and ensure without fail the desires of the people.

Author: thincology


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