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Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) Mourns Magufuli FULL TEXT


Today we mourn the death of a great man of our time, a man who has been an embodiment of Hope for many Africans and the kind of Leader that Africa so Much desires today, a man of the people who is not self-serving. As Africans you have filled us with confidence and dignity in ourselves, for these are values that cannot be bought with any amount of money, aid or
grants. The standard you have set is high enough for the coming youth to emulate, you have played your role and you have played it very well.

As a community of Pan-African Organisations, it will not go without mention the good works you have done in East Africa, the fight against the pandemic of Corruption as well as protecting the Public purse by downsizing on unnecessary and extravagant public servant spending.

With this you have left Tanzania in a very safe position where Infrastructure is self-financed. We call upon the Whole African Presidency to pick a leaf from the Courage with which Pres.

Mugufuli governed the country, we as the representatives of the true spirit of the African People want to Assure you that we will mobilise our African people to stand behind you against any forces foreign or otherwise that threaten to harm you. We call for Courage and Unity of Action all over the African continent for Africa needs a Double Rapid transformation Plan, this plan is available but can’t be implemented without courageous Leadership, we call for these Urgently needed Values. Courage and African Unity of Action.

The whole of Africa will always remember your contribution to this great continent that is Breaking the York of Imperialist Neocolonialism. For this, we say Rest in Eternal Power our great ancestor, and continue to empower us in this struggle against the already weakened enemy.

Directorate of Media and Public Relations
Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII)

Author: thincology


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