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The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII)

Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) urges US Government to protect citizens

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) on Friday urged the American government to do more to protect the lives of its citizens and ensure, that people do not become victims of unjust law enforcement.

“The Institute urges the government of the United States of America, to eliminate all kinds of unjust racism, that make it easy for some people to become victims of unjust law enforcement,” Dr Benjamin Anyagre, KNII Executive Director stated in Accra.

Dr Anyagre who was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the killing of George Floyd, a 46 year and a father of two by US law enforcement officers, described the incident as an act of cold murder.

“This savage act is no different from the cruelty of the slave trade, nor is it different from the lynching of slaves and freed blacks in the Americas,” he said.

He likened the incident to “the inhumanity of apartheid and all the acts of maltreatment against people of African descent that happens in many parts of the world”.

Dr. Anyagre urged the US Government to ensure that the cause of justice was duly served in the case, in order to regain the trust and confidence of the citizenry in the ability of the law enforcement agencies to protect the rights and lives of all US citizens.

“We demand that once found guilty, those found to have fouled the law in this case be punished in accordance with their crime,” he said.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, which happened to be African Liberation Day, Floyd died on Monday after a white Minneapolis police officer used his knee to pin Floyd’s neck to the ground for several minutes.

All four officers involved in the killing have been dismissed so far, while protests keep spreading throughout other states besides Minneapolis over the killing.

Author: thincology


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