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is making achievements to ensure a fully integrated grassroots participatory democracy towards the wellbeing and welfare of Africans. The group believes in social dialogue, inclusiveness, social justice as enshrined in the Agenda 2063 of the AU. KNII emphasizes alternatives to fratricidal wars, civil unrest, and conflicts in Africa.

Africans are too tired of the use of guns to pursue grievances and would want a paradigm of a peacefulness coexistence interwoven with harmony which will address the basic concerns and interests of Africans. KNII – in her efforts, wish to help change the negative narratives about Africa through engagement/collaboration/partnership/TRAINING to create jobs and wealth for Africans Africans especially the Youth because there’s enough in Africa to feed Africans.

Our Youth mustn’t be subjected to horrors of the deserts, risking their lives through the Mediterranean to seek greener pastures in Europe. Good leadership in Africa; Redemptive leadership in Africa; Apt and Foresighted leadership in Africa; Human centered leadership in Africa; A duty of care leadership in Africa should be CAPABLE to create jobs and so on in tandem with Agenda 2063 of the AU thereby bringing joy and happiness to our people.

This is what KNII hopes to achieve in the very footsteps of the novel and tremendous achievements and hindsight handed over to the current generation by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who gained political independence for Ghana and progressively assisted many African countries in diverse ways.
Uhuru- Amandla

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