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With every MAY DAY my spirits are lifted by the fact that the singular efforts of the United States of Apartheid (USA) to denigrate and kill off the significance of the call of Workers of the World Unite have failed. In Ghana the revisionist efforts of the Nana Addo government to denigrate the significance of African Liberation Day, Republic Day and Founder’s Day must fail. All cultural acts by the Nana Addo neocolonial government to put out the lamposts and beacons of Nkrumah’s significance must fail. Like May Day, the flames of African Liberation Day (25th May) and Republic Day (1st July) must not be dimmed or allowed to be extinguished by those who Nkrumah identified as quislings. This is why:

Nana Kobina Nketsia V clarifies: Nkrumah consistently reiterated the phrase ” African Personality”… To become African was in itself a rebellion against colonialism. It was a liberating cause. It revealed Africa’s singularity and the fact that it was the cultural system that was awakened to confront colonialism and demand freedom. Independence was the African Personality in action.
” NEOCOLONIALISM IS CULTURAL IMPOSITION AND A CONTINUATION OF THE COLONIAL AND IMPERIAL POLICY OF MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT AND DOMINATION. And cultural domination is enforced through the agency of religion, language, formal education, tastes and lifestyle, entertainment and sports. Didn’t the apartheid foundation shake when African school kids took to the streets in strike and boycotted the Afrikaan language? How do you think the British and French will react when you just ask the British Council and Alliance Française to pack and leave? TOWARDS NEOCOLONIAL FREEDOM IS THEREFORE A CULTURAL MOVEMENT. YES, A LIBERATING CULTURAL ACT.
POSITIVE ACTION was conceived in the Gold Coast on 7th January 1950 at the residence of the Essikado Paramount Chief, Nana Kobina Nketsia IV, in Sekondi. Then, the following day in Accra, there appeared Nkrumah, with the legendary trade unionist Pobee Biney beside him. Nkrumah declared a national POSITIVE ACTION of civil disobedience, strikes and boycott of European goods to rock the boat and upset the British colonial order. It is this same deep sense of cultural purpose that sparked the youth of Soweto to boycott Bantu Education. The June 16 1976 Soweto Uprising was a pent-up volcanic response to the 1974 Afrikaans Medium Decree forcing all black schools to use Afrikaans and English as the languages of instruction. Afrikaans was used for mathematics, arithmetic, and social studies while English was used for general science and applied subjects.
Such therefore were the cultural basis of the Nkrumah Positive Action declaration and the Soweto Uprising.
The Afrikaans, Europeans and the Jews, more than anyone else, understood what Steve Biko and the Black Consciousness movement meant to White Supremacy Hegemony. And in the same manner as Biko was hounded and killed so was Dedan Kimathi of the Mau Mau movement. Then you ask yourself why would Lumumba be killed, slaughtered into pieces and the body parts soaked in drums of acid? And what sense do you make out of the Chapel where the colonial Governor worships in Elmina Castle being erected on top of the slave dungeons?” ©Addai-Sebo

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