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What should occupy the minds of the younger generation is how the government is addressing the national interest implications of the COVID-19 AND G5 pandemic and its socio-economic importance. What is the future in the present recognising that Vodafone controls the telecommunications backbone of the country and that Vodafone and Huawei are at the forefront of global 5G rollout? My generation betrayed the nation by selling Ghana Telecom to the British. ECG has been sold and likewise power transmission and distribution. We do not control our Energy backbone with the exception of VRA which is also under threat of privitisation. Energy and telecommunications must serve the national interest like water and food plus the air we breathe.
The younger generation must ask my generation a lot of questions and demand answers in relation to how far are decisions of my generation securing the future safety, security and advancement of our society. Do the younger generation want external interests to control our energy, water, food, telecommunications, air and rail transport needs? What is the meaning of our sovereign independence then? What is government for then? What is the value of government then to the rest of society? What is the executive governing? What is the legislature governing? What is the judiciary governing? If these three arms of government and their army of civil/public servants, experts and consultants cannot by themselves manage the provision and delivery of vital needs of the country then what are they in power for? Are they in power to smoothen the path of foreign control and exploitation of our vital resources and common wealth? Is this not colonialism revisited? Is this not what Nkrumah identified and exposed as “neocolonialism”? Can the younger generation see those in government as neocolonial agents and “middlemen”?
Vodafone corrupted the executive and legislature. Airbus corrupted the executive and legislature. The judiciary is quite prone to corruption. The function of government spells corruption. Government and its three arms have corrupted every aspect of our national life to the point of privitising corruption as the private property of the ruling elites of the Dukadaya and their criminal entrepreneurial cartels.
To put it forcefully, the “state capture” of my generation has been to service foreign interest and not the national interest. The executive holds the head of Mother Ghana for the legislature and judiciary to spread the legs of our dear Mother to be gang raped. This is what is going on and the younger generation must not be accepting of this neocolonial order of gyrating inflation, unemployment, debt-trap, poverty and underdevelopment – all government sponsored.
The younger generation have a struggle to wage and this struggle is TOWARDS NEOCOLONIAL FREEDOM. Nkrumah explains this battle in his book, NEOCOLONIALISM: THE LAST STAGE OF IMPERIALISM. Nkrumah again provides the battle plan in his HANDBOOK OF REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE and also CLASS STRUGGLE IN AFRICA. A posthumous compendium, REVOLUTIONARY PATH, was published by PANAF. Nkrumah has provided the weapons of and for neocolonial destruction. What is left is the intellectual preparation of the younger generation to seize the time and take the country back from the corrupt and corrupting hands and minds of my generation as represented by the ruling elites of the Dukadaya (the Tsikatas/Rawlings/Ahwois/Nadaas/Marfos/Gabbys/KenOforiAttahs Mafioso Cabal and their criminal entrepreneurial cartels).
Mother Ghana is bleeding to death as her veins and blood vessels are ripped apart by the assault of excavators that only the ruling elite can procure. And now our sacred Mother Earth, ASASE YAA, has been defiled by indiscriminate minning and deforestation. Our vital ecosystem and waterbodies are being despoiled at incomparable rate. The pace of environmental destruction in Ghana is quite frightening and what is sad is that it is the Forestry Commission that gives entry permits for speculators to penetrate the forest reserves to rape. And come to think of it that the Forestry Commission is the mandated Conservator of Forests and Wildlife.
The fish indeed rots from the head. And the younger generation know that the three arms of government are rotten and that they govern to “create, loot and share” at the expense of the rest of society. If it is agreed that government and the institutions that underpin it must be overhauled then it is the Dukadaya Mafioso Cabal and their criminal entrepreneurial cartels that have to be removed first.
What are the younger generation waiting for? IT IS REDEMPTION TIME. NKRUMAISM IS THE REDEMPTION SONG.

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