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Osagyefo, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, in persona was the 1st Leader of Government Business, 1st Prime Minister, Founding President of Ghana and Co-President of Guinea.

In death, Nkrumah is honoured with a mausoleum; his books are in high demand; many roads and infrastructure across the Continent have been named after him; his statue stands in front of the AU building in Addis Ababa; his Birthday on the African calendar is a Statutory Public Holiday. And indeed, the African man of the last millennium.

In reference to the above, Nkrumah stands alone as an Institution and the personality of a great achiever. Therefore, he cannot be simply compared to names mentioned in the President’s address at the 63rd independence celebration held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi. And in such derogatory slant.

The spiritual good books state that – give honour to whom honour is due. And that should be done in genuineness, fairness, and truth.

Nkrumah’s role in national development is defined in Nkrumaism, a scientific communalist art of governance pursued on a humane centered relationship and harmony.

The Nkrumaist discipline guides a government, institutions, and individuals to produce the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter as demonstrated by his redemption leadership exploits.

He produced a blueprint for Ghana, interlaced with a Pan African outlook found in the seven years development plan designed and implemented during his highly productive regime of viable administration of work and happiness.

NKRUMAISM, a socio- economic development product, can contribute to adequately address some social justice, inclusiveness and equity concerns as espoused in the SDG’S of the UN, AU 2063 Agenda and the Directive Principles of State Policy, Chapter 6 of the 1992 Constitution.

Nkrumaism is the authority on the African Personality with a call and quest for a Continental Union Government to roll out-one currency, bank, trade, army, passport and other policies with the fullest grass-root contribution, participation, inputs, and ownership.

In the world of academia and research- Nkrumah’s epistles are thought-provoking revelations and instructive as a homegrown ideology, effective enough to solve many puzzles and challenges confronting Africa and her future.

To spite the above captures, the President at the 63rd Independence Anniversary sought to play down the Osagyefo’s stature for their own delusionary comfort, and the upgrade of their grandfathers.

It is unfortunate and sad to note that after 63 years of independence, what pertained at pre/post-independence era, which is a sad commentary for Ghana – should still find space in our beloved country.

We, in Ghana, can choose to bury the Osagyefo’s name as and when the Danquah-Busiaist are in governance – it will still not hurt his name. And thus, we are comforted at his Continental imposing stature, as against the narrow thinking in the Ghanaian context – by just a few in a deluded comfort.

Benjamin Anyagre (On behalf of the Board of the Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute

Author: thincology


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