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FRAPP wishes to inform all panafricanists, panafricanist movements and internationalists who have always promoted the independence of the African continent and encouraged the practice of solidarity among Africans, descent africans and internationalists, wherever they are in the world, from the arbitrary detention of our pan-Africanist, anti-imperialist comrade and member of FRAPP FRANCE GO AWAY Guy Marius Sana.

Guy Marius Sagna currently arbitrarily arrested, indignantly placed under arrest warrant since July 19 for “false alert to terrorism”. Activist and human rights militant, Guy M. .sagna is a leading figure in the struggle against imperialism, poor governance and the sell-off of our economy by Western powers.

Aware of the importance of North-South relations and the lack of balance they suffer, Guy Marius Sagna is a recognized player in all initiatives able to defend the ideals of a totally free and truly independent Africa, makes him the standard bearer of AAR LI NU BOKK platform set up since the big scandal oil and gas accusing President Macky Sall and his brother and relayed by the British channel BBC.

It is Tuesday, July 16, 2019 that four (04) elements of the research section of the Colobane gendarmerie came to take Guy Marius Sagna in the premises where the organization Frapp / France GO AWAY holds its meetings at Dieuppeul.

At the gendarmerie, the investigating gendarmes told him that it was the prosecutor who instructed them to go pick him to ask him to explain two posts he published the day before on Facebook and which refer to “plateaux hospitaliers vétustes of Senegal.

At the insistence of the agent, Guy Marius Sagna replied that he did not have to explain the opinions he expressed on Facebook, and that if he broke the law, that he notify the offense. No offense has been notified to him. For three days they withheld him and were looking for another offense. They finally fabricated an offense: “false alert to terrorism”!

On 19 July 2019, they took advantage of the moment when all Senegalese were focused on the game of the final of the African Football Cup between Senegal and Algeria to stealthily place Guy Marius Sagna under a deposit mandate.

In fact, it should be noted that the accusation is based only on the opening statement of Frapp France GO AWAY’s press conference held two days earlier, July 15, 2019.
1 – This text has not been shared by Guy Marius Sagna on his Facebook page;
2 – It is the Frapp, legal person, who is the author of the text, and not Guy Marius Sagna intuiti personae;
3 – Guy Marius Sagna was not the presidium at this press conference, as you can check on the images relayed by the bodies that made the media coverage;
4 – Guy Marius Sagna is a member of the Frapp. but he is not the coordinator of the organization;
5 – No other member of the organization Frapp France GO AWAY has been summoned or questioned on this text.
The movement FRAPP, is an anti-imperialist movement that has the right to prevent and create awareness among fellow citizens against the sneaky attitude of France imperialist country.
Art 25-3 of the Constitution of Senegal recognizes the right of every citizen to defend the homeland against aggression. it is strong of this right, that the movement FRAPP exercised its duty of warning and denouncing from an analysis of the French military presence in Mali and the exit of the French Minister of the Interior held in Dakar.
FRAPP expressed itself as follows:

  • about the MP for Benno Bokk Yaakaar, Khoureichi Niass who, to justify the concession by the State of Senegal oil blocks to the French company Total and explain the quarrel between the energy minister resigned and President Macky Sall , affirmed that: “It isFrance that colonized us for more than two centuries.and France never thought that Senegal could dispose of oil, gas, or other resources. She thought that Senegal was limited to fishing, farming, begging and breeding. but we woke up one day and we discover that Senegal has oil and gas and many other resources. Of course, it is necessary that France comes to claim its share. when France came to ask for an area for exploration, if President Macky Sall refused to grant him this, France would open the doors of Senegal to the rebels of Mali, it would also rearm the Casamance rebels and created other problems in the country “;- the statements of Christophe Castaner, French Minister of the Interior, visiting Senegal, who stated bluntly that “terrorism is present in Senegal”.
  • the observation made by Malian citizens that despite the multitude and number of forces deployed to counter terrorism, it was not backing down;
  • various testimonies and memoirs of French politicians, contained in documentaries, and establishing their participation in what can be described as abominable acts towards Africa,
    Frapp therefore exercised this right to defend the motherland, by preventively alerting its compatriots by a declaration on the different implications of these various objective observations.
    Marius Sagna, who could not be incriminated on the basis of his personal posts, was finally for “false alert to terrorism” on the pretext of the press conference and the declaration of FRAPP. As notified by his lawyers, his arbitrary detention is obvious ,since this declaration could in no way be attributed to him personally, just as it could not be described, as it was, as a “false alert to terrorism”Now that you can see with us the arbitrariness and abuse of power of his detention, we are sure that you will be able to help the one who can legitimately be considered one of the most active panafricanist activists in the world. African continent by demanding by all means where you are his IMMEDIATE AND TOTAL RELEASE.
    Knowing your commitment to the rule of law, democracy and pan-African and internationalist solidarity, receive our pan-Africanist and internationalist greetings.

Done at Dakar on July 30, 2019.

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