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So have we been taught from long ago by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah himself.
Accordingly, no progress can be made by those laying claim to being Nkrumaists in Ghana today, so long as those on this platform refuse to take up the simple task of establishing even mere Homework Help Clubs (HHCs) in their constituencies, and rallying those willing, regardless of party political affiliations, to carry out Sustainable Development Action Plans for Community Regeneration (SDAPCORs) in their constituencies.

This KNII WhatsApp platform has become the usual one of the many where most of the participants merely repeatedly indulge in Nkrumah praise-singing without the required attention being paid to the very necessary basic organisational work for the conscientization, empowerment and mobilization of the masses for practical Changemaking.

We do not need people who merely show how much they have read and can scholarly interprete the writings of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah; we need more of those who are prepared to utilise even the little they know for Positive Action! For, as the Osagyefo himself put it: Theory without Practice is empty; and Practice without theory is blind! Yes, Revolutions are brought about by youth, men and women who think as people of Positive Action and act as people of radical Changemaking Thought!-Cesprgh Mawuli Kofi Klu.

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