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My generation has a duty to assist the younger generation to discover their mission and advance it as Frantz Fanon taught our generation. OUR GENERATION, led by the Tsikata/Rawlings/Ahwois Mafioso Cabal, BETRAYED NKRUMAH, Ghana and Africa We were disloyal to Nkrumah and instead of building on the industrial, manufacturing and agricultural assets Nkrumah left, we stripped off these national assets, sold some and left the rest to rot. The damage done by our generation to Ghana and Africa is incalculable. We have passed on the baton of CORRUPTION, TRIBALISM AND SEXISM .

To this, we must beseech the younger generation to reject this baton of CORRUPTION, TRIBALISM AND SEXISM and replace it with the nation building baton of Nkrumaism.
© Addai-Sebo

Author: thincology


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