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OUR FATHER’S HOUSE IS GHANA and it is Ghana that has to be cleansed

OUR FATHER’S HOUSE IS GHANA and it is Ghana that has to be cleansed. Such is the challenge facing all Nkrumaists.
It’s painful but healthy to accept the fact that remnants of the CPP Old Guards who tied the fortune of the CPP to Captain Tsikata got outsmarted by the (P)NDC. Quisling Tsikata, the confidence trickster, used Botsio, Tettegah and Ebo Tawiah to first corrupt and destroy the CPP.

Now what Nkrumaists are confronted with is the willful destruction of the iconic stature of Nkrumah by NADAA and the NPP by using state power to revise Nkrumah and his influence out of history and our contemporary life. The revisionist agenda of the NPP is real and it is a continuation of the CIA-backed agenda of the NLC/PP (Afrifah/Busia) periods.

Simply put, Tsikata was assigned to destroy the material evidence of Nkrumaism by selling off, destroying or abandoning strategic industrial, manufacturing and agricultural assets of the nation.

Now, the assigned task of Tsikata’s fellow traveller, NADAA, is to spiritually efface Nkrumah from the memories of Ghanaians. What we see happening before our very eyes is the willful deemphasizing of Independence Day, African Union Day, Republic Day and Founder’s Day. These sacred days are spiritually linked to the iconic stature of Nkrumah. We ignore these facts at our own peril.

YES, NKRUMAH NEVER DIES but only on the strength and evidence of what we have built on what he left behind. Praise singing is not enough but it is the task of nation building we address ourselves to that makes true the adage: NKRUMAH NEVER DIES! And we can only address ourselves to the task of nation building by organising to capture state power from the Dukadaya. Nkrumah devised the blueprint to decolonise Africa and it is this challenge of exposing, opposing and deposing neocolonialism that faces us now. We have the blueprint with which to organise and act.
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