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PLEASE, DO NOT VOTE for these guys

Yeshua made a powerful statement regarding unity, he said:

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand” – Matthew 12:25

This year alone Africa is scheduled to have about 20 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Some countries have already held their elections. Electoral activities are still underway in many other places.

Elections in Malawi happened last week (23rd June 2020). And the result was announced yesterday (28th June 2020).

Many more elections are ahead of us. These include Burundi (20 May 2020), Tanzania (25 October 2020), Guinea (October 2020), Ivory Coast (31 October 2020), Burkina Faso (22 November 2020), Egypt (November 2020), Ghana (7 December 2020), Chad (13 December 2020), Nigeria (27 December 2020), Central African Republic (27 December 2020) and more.

Africa’s 2020 election calendar presents a great opportunity to engineer change across the continent.

We must seek to make the objective of a United States of Africa an issue for election campaigns in all African countries.

The union agenda saw massive progress in the early days because Kwame Nkrumah and his friends made it the people’s agenda.

A sea change can be engineered using election campaigns to redirect the people’s energies towards the United States of Africa. This way, 2020 elections in Africa will produce leaders who cannot ignore the call for unity.

If we elect leaders and hold them to account on the issue of a united Africa, the union agenda will move to occupy a central place again in African politics.

Only a united economic front will be adequate to create a strong currency that could withstand the tow of America, Asia, and Europe.

Only a united defense force will be strong enough to deter those who threaten us with destabilization, sanctions, isolation, coup-d’état, and war.

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII) has been working towards the United States of Africa by the year 2022.

This is possible if our elections produce pro-union leaders. To prepare the grounds, it may be necessary for the KNII to broker deals with political parties and their leadership to ensure the union agenda becomes a central part of all election campaigns in Africa.

As you read this message please note that no single African country can succeed in the current economic climate. Yet, Africa still has enough natural resources to build a continental civilization at lightning speed.

Unless we unite, we cannot take control of these resources for the benefits of our people.

Therefore, the United States of Africa must be the non-negotiable objective of all elections in Africa.

Please look for a candidate or party in your country that is inclined to this objective and support their campaign in any way you can.

DO NOT vote for candidates or parties that resist the union agenda. Such leaders will not only oppose the plan, but they could also make it impossible through bi-lateral agreements and by entrenched legislation.

If we fail this time, God forbid, it may take another decade or two before we get back on track.

Be blessed


Author: thincology


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