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Proposed Regions for a New Africa

Africa should have One President, 4 Prime Ministers, and 54 governors. The president should be rotating among the 4 regional governments of EAST AFRICA, WEST AFRICA, SOUTHERN AFRICA, AND NORTHERN AFRICA. So are the PMs who would be selected from the governors.

We should have one currency that is backed with gold because we got it in plenty in order to have a strong reserve bank.

More importantly, Africa should have 4 languages to facilitate inter-trade: Kiswahili, English, French, Arabic, and another popular west African language if necessary. All these languages must be taught in schools.

I forgot to add that the capital of Africa will be in Kinshasa because of the following reasons: 1) DR Congo is in central part of Africa, 2) there are two capitals which are the closest cities in the world that is Kinshasa and Brazzaville, 3) DR Congo is the richest countries on earth when it comes to natural resources.

This will provide us with the capital to power Africas economy, 4) The Inga dam is the worlds biggest Rapids with Average flow rate: 25,768 m3/s (910,000 cu ft/s).

This provides Africans with rare opportunity to have more than enough electricity to power the administration, industries, and economies. Nairobi will be the capital of East Africa because it has UN offices. Cairo for North Africa, Lagos for west Africa, Joberg for Southern Africa and Douala for Central Africa.

Addis Ababa can continue hosting the African Union for foreign policies.

Author: thincology


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