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Nkrumah’s administration yielded many developmental laurels.
Factories, Roads, Bridges, Schools, State Farms,free portable water, reliable and almost free electricity, hospitals, houses,national cohesion, etc,etc, etc.

Kotoka, Harley and Afrifa period brought a systematic destruction of the awesome generational gains of Nkrumah.
Busia came and we are yet to be told on what he added.
Busia’s retrogressive landmark achievement was to “depanafricanise” the star of Ghana.
General Achaempong though failed in inviting Nkrumah home immediately, did a little in pursuing the BLUEPRINTS of Nkrumah.

The 1979 elections opportunity for the PNP lacked an ideological team work and cohesion to revitalise the uncompleted 7 years development plan to fit into the then period.
The PNDC who had progressives ready to serve both in and outside the intellectual world were ready to sacrifice to totally tranform Ghana but got caught up in an undefined ideological direction, making many vulnerable with others running into exile.

The PNDC, nonetheless, made some gains like the rural decentralisation efforts but unfortunately divested all the abandoned factories of Nkrumah into the hands of Neo colonialist.
We are yet to be told on which one is operating.

Painfully was the total neglect for not completing the Tarkwa Gold Refinery which was left with 5% completion.
Had the PNDC achieved that the replica effect on our economy would have been great till date.
The question is what went wrong?
Was is still the hatred agenda against Nkrumah?

The 4th Republican administration has been a huge opportunity for opponents of Nkrumah, who couldn’t defeat him not for the 66 evil event,to use this dispensation in an attempt to undo his Herculean achievements.
The future is still with Nkrumaism and the 7years development plan, which was going to ensure that by 1975,Ghana was billed to import labourers and cleaners because each Ghanaian would have before 1975 become a skilled worker.
Long live Nkrumaism.

Author: thincology


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