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Step Aside it is me They want

“Step Aside it is me They want”, the last words of Thomas Sankara.
Sankara refused to pay colonial taxes to France, he believed in Africa, changing the country name from Upper Volta named by the colonial masters to “Burkina Faso” meaning upright people.

He encouraged other Africa leaders then, not to pay Africans debt at IMF “we Are not the once who cost them and why must we pay those debts” he said.

This and many push France to kill him, with the help of his right man Blaise Compaoré he was a top associate of President Thomas Sankara during the 1980s, and in October 1987, he led a coup d’état during which Sankara was killed

At The National Headquarters, The Meeting Began at 04:15 pm, They Had Hardly Begun The Meeting When Gunshots Were Heard Outside at Exactly 04:30 pm, Two Personal Bodyguards of Thomas Sankara and Sankara’s Personal Driver Were The First To Taste Death On That Day, The Shooting Continued and Everybody In The Meeting Had No Choice But

To Take Cover, Sankara Immediately Thought Of A Way He Could Save The Life Of Everybody In That Room

As at This Time,His Aide Was Still By His Side,He Famously Said

“Step Aside, It is Me They Want”,
With Both Hands Raised and Without Any Weapon On Him, He Proceeded Outside To Meet Those Whose Sole Aim Was To Assassinate Him, Immediately He Stepped His Foot Outside, It Seems The Sight Of Thomas Sankara Angered The Killers Even More As They Riddle His Body With Hot Bullets…..

More of Thomas Sankara to follow

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