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The African Marxist Resolution

We, gathered here, as Marxists of African descent, recognizing that the international solidarity example of Cuba is Marxism in action do solemnly resolve that:

  1. It is Marxist discipline, Marxist thought and Marxist praxis that has defined the people and leadership of Cuba;
  2. Cuba has given meaning and value to Marxism and the fact that Cuba continues to survive and thrive despite the US assault to isolate, humiliate and impoverish Cuba is a testimony to the impregnable force of Marxist principles and ideals;
  3. Cuba is our shining light and moral compass where governance with a social purpose is concerned;
  4. We must continuously laud the unstinting sacrifice of the leadership and people of Cuba in their unparalleled contribution to the cause of total liberation and unification of Africa;
  5. What Cuba has done for Africa must be recognized and celebrated at every given moment so that this fact is ingrained in the consciousness of the younger generation so that Cuba to remain an inspiration;
  6. Honouring Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba is also paying tribute to Marxism; and
  7. The example of Cuba is a vindication of Marxism.

As Marxists of African descent we affirm it as our solemn duty to express gratitude to the leadership and people of Cuba for their sacrifices that led to the defeat of apartheid. We are of the opinion that such gratitude can best be expressed by calling on African nations to erect monuments that will stir public consciousness about Fidel Castro and what his leadership did and continue to do for Africa. In furtherance of this therefore we call on the African Union to have erected a befitting statue at the headquarters as a permanent tribute to the leadership and people of Cuba for their unstinting sacrifice to the cause of total decolonisation of the African continent with the exception of those islands in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the Red sea and the Mediterranean sea still under colonial domination.

Proposed by Dr. Benjamin Anyagre of KNII, Ghana and Adopted at the 1st African Marxist Conference in South Africa, 2019

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