Forward Comrade …


  • There would be no more payments for 3 National Headquarters. We would be content with just one.
  • No more payments for 48 Regional Offices. We would be okay with 16
  • Our presence would indeed be strongly felt in all the 275 Constituencies
  • No more holding of 3 National Congresses. (just one)
  • No more 48 Regional Congresses( just 16)
  • Ghanaians would observe some level of seriousness in all our Elections from the polling station level to the highest level
  • Donors would then recognize our seriousness, our determination, our focus and would intervene.
  • Fence sitters would definitely come down
  • Reactivation of our Overseas branches would surely take place
  • Ghanaians would then take us serious.
  • NDC/NPP would not dare poke their noses any longer
  • We shall be a United formidable force
  • Our enemies would envy and shiver
  • Ghanaians would trust us and vote for us and we shall win
  • Forward ever
  • Donors should come on board subject to GOOD FAITH and not as a bargaining chip and yardstick to the detriment of the FAITHFUL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT of our Country .


Author: thincology


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