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We must remember that the Dukadaya (also known as ADABRAKA CONSENSUS) have opened up the legs of our Mother Ghana and declared her sacred vital a liberal and free market asset to be raped at will by “property owning” venture capitalists and speculators on the bed of their senior partners, the Washington Consensus. The ideological mindset of the Dukadaya is such that they can hold the legs of Mother Ghana in a vice grip to be raped while they watch without compunction. These Quislings are worse than pimps.
How long can we sit by for our resources and labour to be pimped by a Mafioso Cabal who number not more than 150 including the core of their criminal entrepreneurial cartels? Come on, as it is our Mother who is being raped by a few and at the expense of the rest of society. We have a duty to RESCUE GHANA from the vice and stranglehold of the Dukadaya.
© Addai-Sebo

Author: thincology


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