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TRUST AND LOYALTY can be restored if Our Father’s House is cleansed of all the treacherous influences of Tsikata and his acolytes. But we must be truthful to ourselves that Tsikata, Botsio and Tettegah destroyed the CPP and went ahead to again corrupt and destroy the TUC. They did not stop there as the (P)NDC set up the Divestiture Implementation Committee with PV Obeng, Ahwois and Ebo Tawiah as successive chairs to destroy the material foundations of the CPP as embodied in the job creating industrial and agricultural combines. This is the crux of the matter which must not be swept under the carpet.

The essential material conditions of life that the CPP created were purposefully destroyed by the Tsikatas/Rawlings/Ahwois Mafioso Cabal and their criminal entrepreneurial cartels. Transparency and accountability are therefore critical here.
If it is being affirmed that “KN is dead” it should not be difficult to accept also that the CPP is dead. Both KN and CPP have been downed by the “cancer of betrayal”. Such is the reality facing us.

What is so wrong therefore if the cupboards full of skeletons are being exposed to the younger generation? What FIRE TV is doing is exposing the industrial, manufacturing and agricultural skeletons that must not be swept under the carpet or kept hidden in the cupboards.

The Osɔfo Kyiriabosom is using his FIRE TV station to awaken Ghanaians to the evil minds and hands behind the economic genocide. Has Kagame swept under the carpet or hidden in cupboards the skulls and skeletons of the Rwanda genocide? It is only by Facing Reality that has enabled Rwanda to move Forward Ever.

FIRE TV HAS BECOME THE RED COCKEREL crowing to awaken and expose Ghanaians to the Marcus Garvey maxim that: If We Did It Before We Can Do It Again. What Osɔfo Kyiriabosom is preaching transparently is this: If Nkrumah Did It We Can Do It Again!!

Let us not forget that before Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrew came on the scene there were TV stations owned by Comrades Kwaw Ansah, Kwabena Duffuour, Papa Kwesi Nduom and Kwesi Pratt. ©Addai-Sebo

Author: thincology


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