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There can be no capital without resources and labour. Capital cannot have an existence of its own. Capital by itself is an illusion like the exaggerated illusion called the US Dollar backed only by the might of the US Federal Government. Nixon took US out of the Gold Standard and ever since the US prints and circulates currency with impunity.

What is being said here also is that Christianity and Islam, as represented by Rome and Mecca, support this exaggerated illusion that has trapped Africa in a perpetual state of inflation because Africa’s political economy (land, labour and resources) has been enslaved by capital.

In this respect, Africa’s only agenda is total libération from capital enslavement and humiliation.
Capital and Religion are siamese twins as the grand scheme of capital accumulation via slavery was given Papal accent and a Bull issued. Africa is trapped in the vice of two exaggerated illusions. Such is the reality we all must face.

There can be no capital without resources and labour. It is the application of labour (hand and brain) on resources that creates capital and wealth at the workplace or shop floor. Capital and wealth owe their existence to labour/resources. It is therefore an illusion that capital has an existence of its own independent of labour/resources and more so when capital is monetised as currency or crypto currency.

Capital is the child or creation of labour and resources (mother earth). The the child or son has today become the “chosen and elect” with dominion over all that it surveys. The son enslaves labour and applies this labour on resources that this very son has seized or captured in order to create and accumulate wealth/capital at the expense of labour and the environment.

The son by this process of unbridled extraction and accumulation becomes dehumanised by enslaving labour. Capitalism is most dehumanising. Capitalism is most dictatorial and brutal. Capitalism is most discriminatory and marginalising. Capitalism is inequality incarnate. Capitalism is classism.

Capitalism is imperialism. Capitalism is colonialism. Capitalism is neocolonialism.
Capitalism is greedy and a bully like its crusading Knight-in-armour, America. Capitalism is Stalin and his incarnate Trump. Capitalism is apartheid South Africa and apartheid Israel. Haiti and Palestine are what capitalism has wrought.

Please, the most useful value in economics is labour/time/resources.


Author: thincology


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