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The major source of racism, is a notorious pomposity practised by people who are still morally barbaric and ungodly. In fact, the feeling of one race being superior to the other is an uncivilized and ancient practice – a foolish one for that matter.

Any human group which still holds unto this antiquated culture of superiority over others is simply the obverse to civilized humanity. Such a group can therefore no longer fit into the tide of present world whose conscience and ethics are geared to equality, and indeed, see all races as equal and all peoples on the earth as one.

Courtesy Hon Amusu Kwaggrey HUMANITY is not made up of one race. And a race is not made up of one tribe, ethnic group or nationality. Yet we are all one race and one humanity without anyone being superior or inferior to the other. This is the standing moral and divine law. To state otherwise is a blasphemy and a mockery of our human civilization. Courtesy Hon. Amusu Kwaggrey.

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