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The CPP was organised and constituted as a broad church. By broad church is meant all-embracing, unitary and secular. The CPP spearheaded the mass movement TOWARDS COLONIAL FREEDOM as a vanguard. It was out of this struggle that evolved the ideology of decolonisation which has been categorized as NKRUMAISM in tribute to the praxis and ideals of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah.

An Nkrumaist therefore is not necessarily a CPPist in the same manner as a CPPist is not necessarily an Nkrumaist. An Nkrumaist is a decolonised African free of mental slavery. An Nkrumaist is the nemesis of neocolonialism. The purpose of an Nkrumaist is the destruction and prevention of the development of the neocolonial order. NKRUMAISM IS THE WEAPON OF NEOCOLONIAL DESTRUCTION.

As an Nkrumaist you have discovered your mission and this mission is the destruction and prevention of the development of neocolonialism. By this therefore, an Nkrumaist would have discovered how neocolonialism has manifested itself in Ghana by the misrule of the Dukadaya. The Dukadaya capture state power and assets in servitude to their “colonial masters” and against the national interest.

The Dukadaya rule only to strengthen the stranglehold of neocolonialism. For example it is a neocolonial mind trapped in mental slavery that would make French and Arabic a national language in addition to English at the expense of the flowering of local languages. The Dukadaya ruling elites have been so indoctrinated to act to please the White Supremacist Order. Nkrumaists’ duty is to deconstruct neocolonialism and reconstruct the AFRICAN PERSONALITY with the nation building and development tools of Nkrumah.

The mission of Nkrumaists is clear – the defeat of neocolonialism. The CPPists were as clear in their mission – the defeat of colonialism. To call yourself an Nkrumaist means that you are intellectually organised to help defeat and eliminate neocolonialism in Ghana and the rest of Africa. © Addai-Sebo

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