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Just think about Tema, Akosombo Hydroelectricity, Regional Housing Estates, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Research Institutions, Agricultural Plantations, Social Security, and Pension Provision, Workers’ Rights, Unitary and Secular State as it is such foundations that keep Ghana alive.

Tsikata was so blinded and destroyed the CPP and replaced it with the NDC. Now his buddy NADAA is seeking to destroy Nkrumah and replace him with Danquah. The Dukadaya are blinded by greed and ingratitude. Without the critical support of the CPP, Kufuor could not have won two elections.

Kufuor is an exception as he showed gratitude by bringing Fathia’s body from Egypt to be buried by her husband, Nkrumah. NADAA lost in 2008 because he slighted Nkrumah and without the brain and hands of renegade Nkrumaist, Freddie Blay, NADAA could not have won 2016. Nkrumah’s development vision and foundations are keeping Ghana alive.

Author: thincology


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