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thomas sankara


Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah warned that” It is empire-building without a flag. And this is how it works: they (neo-colonialist) see to it that the political power remains in the hands of indigenous reactionaries. They manoeuvre to control the army, the police and even the Intelligence Services. They see to it that the economic Institutions of the country are in the hands of their agents and that economic production is completely controlled by private foreign capital leaving only the infrastructure in the hands of the indigenous population. They divide the Trade Union and other popular movements. When they have gained full control in this way of a client or puppet state, then they are in a position to do what they like with that territory, its government and its people. If they cannot get their own way, then they engineer political and military coups, to overthrow the regimes and install new reactionary regimes which will carry out their orders.”

Author: thincology


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