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Join our 1st August annual Afrikan Repararations March from Windrush Square, Brixton, to Parliament Square, in London, United Kingdom. Operation PAGYA Rising!

The 1992 imperial Constitution and its 4-year electoral musical chair is a neocolonial straightjacket ordering of our society. Simply put, the 1992 imperial Constitution is an instrument of ethno-hegemony polarisation, marginalisation and discrimination as against the secular and unitary 1960 Republican Constitution. The imperial 1992 Constitution is not fit for NKRUMAIST PURPOSE as it falls foul of the Avoidance of Discrimination Act. Where you have to “Hail From” and have a “World Bank” as a condition of winning elections rules out secular-minded Nkrumaists as the neocolonial 1992 imperial Constitution is an attack on the secular and unitary foundations of Ghana. The Nkrumah regime from 1951 to February 1966 united the colonial protectorates into One Nation, One People with a Common Destiny. Post-Independece Ghana was managed and developed as a unitary state and so you did not have to “hail from” in order to hold a position in a region, district or constituency.

The electoral musical chair game that the Dukadaya play fits their neocolonial purposes well. To play the Dukadaya musical chair game is to place yourself into the corrupt and corrupting hands of the neocolonial order.

Nkrumaists must be aware of the nature of the neocolonial order as it is their order of the day to destroy and prevent its development. Nkrumaists in Ghana must discover their mission. This is the challenge facing Nkrumaists of Ghana

Author: thincology


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